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I was so wrapped up in my own personal pain of that day that I missed the moment when a hummingbird whizzed by my head and into the flower bush. Missed moments like those frame me as self-involved and annoying. If I didn't have my head lodged so firmly(more)
I'm about to jump the fence in this conversation.
We can't help but go back to our old song and dance, one we started before we knew how to talk. At this point, neither of us wants to and so we've begun fighting the urge to assume our old roles. I do my very best not to interrupt(more)
The feeling of not being able to walk outside at night has me all bunched up. I am used to walking to the corner store and getting a bag of chips or even taking somewhat of a risk to get back home at 3am from a night out. It'(more)
Sarah smokes entirely too much pot. She calls it "weeeed," because she's Californian. Waking up every morning with all manner of sounds in her chest, she recounts her night. Most of Sarah's friends think her odd for starting off her night with a long drag off a joint, but(more)
I find myself thinking about the next day's morning coffee cup as I finish the present one. Somehow I have built that perfect dawn moment, complete with the kitties swirling around my ankles, the bed wrinkles on my face and finally, a fashion mag I have only begun to(more)
Moony hates her swaddle. She looks at me like I've betrayed her every time we strap up, but in reality, it's the only thing that ensures her naps. She's not my baby, but we get to hang on a weekly basis, taking walks to the ocean and dancing in(more)
Kelly's tears hit our carpet tonight and I felt so bad for having caused them to fall. Holding off having a tough conversation, like tonight's, is worse than actually having the courage to approach an unapproachable subject; to talk directly into the face of an unapproachable person. I learned(more)
Typing on typetrigger makes a girl want to wear a tight skirt, short and sparkly. Typing on typetrigger makes a girl want to wear a short, tight, sparkly skirt with good black thigh high boots made for dancing. Typing on typetrigger makes a girl look around and realize she's(more)
It occurred to Kelly yesterday that she might want to invest in some new fuggs, what with the coming cold months. She spent a few minutes looking around the interwebs for a good source, but realized hitting the street would serve her much better. Being vegan, she had committed(more)
You are first in line at the Old Navy check out when Juan says hello from behind you. You haven't seen him since Chile and all the fun there. The fun was very fun, but seeing him here makes you feel weird and itchy. You say hey and attempt(more)
We were in the midst of the DSM IV, studying personality disorders when the topic of narcissism came up. I was the first scholar to admit the existence of a narcissistic strain in my family and in myself. Someone next to me rattled off common behaviors that could be(more)
What happened today that made me want to walk out of my boss's office was a the most simple of things: I suck at my job. She knows it. I know it. She wants to help me but what happened today made me want to get into my little(more)
Today was a day for loving an ass whooping. Not since high school have I taken myself to the gym, put myself on a bike and proceeded to lift weights until it hurt. But today was that day and I just got home to a bowl of roasted chicken(more)
Sickness abounds tonight
No one can see out of the windows
It seems to confuse
Clouding one's vision
And motivation
It is (more)