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I found you when I lost everything else. I'm not sure you're worth it.
Surrounded by generations of kindness and the warm sounds of her loved ones welcoming the impending joyful holiday season, she could only discern the sound of her own shadow whispering to let this be the last night she heard anything ever again.
She slipped out though the front door and stood on the porch. That long, creaky, but picturesque porch. It was the porch that basically sold them on the idea of making this particular slice of Suburbia their very own.
In that tattered up book I forgot in the backseat of your car
In the words of that Stones cover that you loved so much
In the smell of the river beside that old tree with the peeling bark
In the taste of that strawberry beer you always wanted(more)
I remember thinking that you probably didn't make much money when I saw your car. That modest, tiny white car that I would come to know so well. It looked lonely parked behind Starbucks that first night we met. We took my car instead, and the first thing yo(more)
I stood there in my entirety, only the thin veil of wrinkled silk between your eyes and my truth. You put your hands around my waist and pulled me into you.

Every scar knew the warmth of your touch that night, especially the ones on my soul.
Life is layered.

Particularly mine, a life that has been lived in bits & pieces for those who could stomach them accordingly. One fragment for him. One for her. Two for the random stranger from Tennessee.

Living this way takes its toll. Before you know it you've(more)
"Well, don't you think you're even now?"

Those were the first words out of my dad's mouth after he found out I'd been involved with a man who wasn't my husband. About a year prior to this blessed conversation, my husband had bedded a sweet little piece on(more)
I wish they would have added "may lose ability to write" on that first bottle of Lexapro.

The only thing I need a tissue for now is to wipe my ass, & no one wants to read about that.