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when she was younger, verbena had posed all of her questions alongside tea and cookies.      

it started out as the simple ones: "aiden, do you like cats or dogs?" "aiden, do you like sunny days or rainy ones?" that was before she started prying, looking at him with(more)
Aiden wished it was raining.  

He wished the weather would turn to something cataclysmic, that the sky would open up and truck-sized hail would fall from the heavens. Something to fit the day better than seventy and sunshine. Anything.

Verbena hopped the back fence, not pausing t(more)
"so, working here, you're not like, a coffee snob, are you?"  

aiden glanced back at the barista who just took over verbena's shift, who meticulously measured beans before putting them into the grinder.  

"no, that's just quinn," she said, a tinge of annoyance coming through with her(more)