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"This is awful," Rebecca says, grimacing out at the polite pockets of people peppering the living room -- a generous term, considering that nothing about it looks lived in -- of the Plimpton estate. "This is really what you do? For Christmas?"
"You're being ridiculous," Laurent says, his lips against Damen's skin as Damen kisses a path along Laurent's jawline. "I was only gone for two weeks."

"Sixteen days," Damen corrects, breath warm against Laurent's ear, "and five hours. Approximately."

"Approximately," Laurent repeats. He means it to sound(more)
When Yosuke woke next, he was in a hospital bed, Yukiko and Chie at his side.

According to the girls, Yosuke's parents had found him in his room, unconscious, clothes bloody but with no visible wounds. That's how it was, with the TV world; cuts and bruises and(more)
The exhaustion had settled over Yosuke like a palpable thing, a thick coat, a second skin. Even so, he couldn't let this go. He was leaving the television world with Souji or not at all. "I won't," he said, well aware of how petulant he sounded. "You can't make(more)
Souji dropped to one knee in front of Yosuke; for a moment, it was as though the fog had closed in and partitioned everything else away. The red and black tones of the other world's shopping district, Adachi's rapt stare, the Shadows that were surely lurking in the alleyways,(more)
Maybe in another lifetime, there would have been an inner struggle. Souji might have wrestled with the decision, might have agonized over the merits of taking the remote himself and going back to reality, to be with Nanako and apologize to his friends and devise a gambit to go(more)
"This is a terrible idea," Anders says, pulling the cowl down to cover his eyes.

"It was your idea," Hawke quips. She is sitting astride a horse, borrowed from the horsemaster at Skyhold at the Inquisitor's insistence. Anders walks alongside at the horse's flank, one hand clutching at(more)
The realization that Souji was coming to, even as Yosuke countered Adachi with as much bravado as he could muster, was that they were trapped. This, he realized, was likely Adachi's plan all along: to lure the three of them, the ones who knew his secret or the biggest(more)
The Shadow crackled like static and blinked out of existence. Adachi's voice cut through the din in Souji's ears. "I told you you'd be sorry, Souji-kun! You just didn't listen!"

Souji gripped Naoto's body close to his chest as he turned to look at Yosuke, who had barely(more)
Souji Seta learned about death by degrees.

He attended his aunt's funeral when he was 13; he'd only met his uncle once before, when Souji was very small, and he couldn't remember meeting his aunt at all, though his mother insisted he had. Surrounded by sad adults, Souji(more)
Yosuke had no idea how to respond. His gut instinct was to laugh, to brush the whole thing off as a joke, but Souji had sounded so deathly serious that he forced that impulse away. In truth, he'd never even considered the possibility that he knew the culprit; in(more)
The fight was decided before it even began.

Yosuke watched the whole thing unfold through a half-conscious haze, seeing it as though it were a series of still images. Naoto lashing out with Yamato Takeru. Souji summoning Persona after Persona, most of which Yosuke couldn't name. The huge(more)
There was a shatter and a flash of light, and Yamato Takeru shimmered into being above them, its sword swinging in a wide defensive arc. The Minotaur barely even flinched, roaring again and beginning to charge, but the distraction was enough for Souji to reach for Atropos and cast(more)
They went in through the Junes television, like always; they didn't know where the television inside the interrogation room might spit them out, and the situation was too urgent for experimentation. It had been a year since Souji had been properly inside the TV world, and longer since he'd(more)
There was a moment, however brief, where Souji thought he would say yes.

He thought about Yosuke, probably alone and almost certainly scared, and the traitor word was on the tip of his tongue, eager to be spoken, prepared to submit. But then he looked up and saw(more)