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Leaving You was painless.

I gathered what few belongings I had in a small briefcase, took one last look around our home, and stepped out the door. I never looked back. I never regretted. It was the smartest decision I ever made, I think, even if it wa(more)
Sometimes I look up into the vast universe above us and hope that one day I may travel to a stranger world than our own. Where the grass is spun gold and trees are made of ivory and rubies. Where the people are gentler and kinder. Where everything is(more)
It'd been there for centuries now, the wall. Built in 2056, after the Great War, it stands firm and strong, unbeaten by the ages of time. None have passed through its gates since the last iron column was sealed; no one ever really desired to. The horror stories passed(more)
The world wasn't the same after it happened. I shouldn't be so surprised, of course. How could Earth remain as it was when  it had seen so much destruction and chaos? Pitted against each other, the people of Earth chose sides and fought. Siblings, parents, friends, anyone whoever felt any(more)
An accent. It was the first thing I noticed about her. Not her hair nor her eyes or even her smile. It was her accent. Soothing, soft, mellifluous. Hearing her speak was like listening to a violin in an empty room. Like water rushing over rocks and lapping at(more)
He could tell you the exact moment he fell in love with her, the small blossom of unique grace and cold beauty who fell into his life unexpectedly.

When first they met, she rarely glanced at him, preferring to keep her eyes downcast. She avoided the gaze everyone(more)
They fought often. Viciously, without a thought of mercy or guilt.

She would not admit it, but the only time she felt she mattered to him was when they fought. When she tossed her scorching words at his back and watched him shrivel in contempt and rage. Whe(more)
He didn't think much of her when he first saw her sitting there under a tree that Mid-October morning. When he passed by her, she looked up from the thick novel she was reading and smiled. He nodded, pulling on the strap of his knapsack, and continued on his(more)
I am called Wanderer, Vagrant, Aimless Vagabond. I have no home, hence my name. I've never stayed in one place for long, not for a very long time. It's been so many years since I've been home, since my name was last uttered.  
The boy with the broken smile sat alone at lunch today. I sat a ways away from him, surrounded by my group of friends as they joked and laughed and teased. My attention was caught solely on him, the boy who'd once had the brightest smile in school. (more)
I cannot remember the last words you spoke to me before you went out to sea. I remember the smile on your lips as you held me tightly in your arms, your face buried in the crook of my neck. I remember the warmth of your skin as your(more)
No one knows me.

No one can see me, hear me or touch me.

I am alone.
Eyes wide, tear streaked cheeks. Fists clenched, lip quivering. Head swiveling, searching. Lost. The little girl was lost. Senses overwhelmed. Bright, vivid colors. Laughter. Joyful screaming. Children running by, chased by parents. Parents. Where were her parents? Alone. She was alone. They'd left her. Distracted for a mo(more)