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Some locally-infamous idiot online posted something a few days ago about how this one 5 second moment in Return of the Jedi was some great philosophical statement about pacifism and how war is unnecessary.  While I'm sure he, as usual, merely enjoys stirring the shit on the overheated crapstove of(more)
Bargell's lips didn't move.
For this spell, they didn't have to.  Hissing noises and elaborate gestures would write the fabric of the spell well enough.
He'd prepared his treachery long ago, and had his plan honed and near-ready by the end of the second night of their journey, back when(more)
Roger waited.  This job was nought save waiting and more waiting, and occasional bursts of desperate self-preservation.  

Every eye that glanced his way was instantly suspect.  He ran mental ID checks, memorized lists of feature details, on each face even slightly inclined his directi(more)
Shetley confided to Major Dunbar, "From ground to crown, she is the very model of a modern dominatrix - but don't ever, EVER use that word."

"Ya know, I can hear you, Roger..." came Emily's low voice, american accent and all, from down the hall.

"Damn.  Well, you'(more)
  You collected licenses and qualifications like a hobby.  One could say you collected hobbies as a hobby.
  They progressed with some logic, one could suppose.
  She came gushingly hard, this time on top of him.  
Old sweat mixed with fresh heat as well as new sweat  - it glued them together momentarily.  Then she whispered, 'Gotta clean up, G; be right back', punctuated it with a kiss to his nose, slid off and left him panting(more)
Hangover forbidden.
Headache not allowed.
Privacy surrendered - Any hopes of a little a.m. delight and taking advantage of the morning wood are dashed.
Screaming fit preparations required. (more)
Arrested by her eyes.
Read my rights by that heated-butterscotch voice.
Pinned by her shining healthy perspiration.
Cuffed by her panting torso and the way it lifted her bust and stretched the neckline to tantalize my libido.
Shoved down and smothered by that hair, which just brushed her shoulders,(more)
  There's a legion of us.  Several in each city.   We swoop in out of nowhere, sometimes in the middle of a night unexpectedly broken by hellfire, like a deep crack in the earth just swallowing your peace.
  The occupation is a vampire.   (more)
No 24-hour restaurant is secret from me.
I know that the freeway starts rumbling more consistantly and displaces more air around 430am.
I could tell you when to expect the bushtits and other smaller chirpy birds that precede the dawn.
I feel that coldest moment and how it numbs(more)
  When he was eight, he felt such the big boy when his divorce-fatigued weekend-warrior father gave him his own cassette tape player.  One big mono speaker, with a metal screen.    
  And his dad had thoughtfully bought an a(more)
Don't get me started on "middlemen".  Why do we tolerate the systems that perpetuate middle meddlers and the cut they take?  
  It's as if we've forgotten our elementary school recess games - "monkey in the middle"?  The point was to keep the ball AWAY from the middleman.
  Laura knew this was going to be a bad idea.  
  She brushed the coat of sealer on the canvas for the kids' play and wondered, in a whisper to herself, "Laura, what were you thinking? Was a fool to agree."
  Her folks, her old Temple, in Seattle again, doin(more)
I'll start with my p.s:  p.s. Nerdatron is a TT writer -Look her up.  A dozen or so writings.  Great stuff, consistantly written at a level above average if not above great, and genuinely interesting nonfiction.  Most delectably, she always managed to put one beautifully poetic or or(more)
Now, after the schism between the dead, undead and living, we need a new plan.
We'll lay out the city along whole new, smaller, boundaries; with new defenses, new priorities.   After dark, we'll be okay, with some of our side on watch, and during the day we'll be protected.(more)