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Instrumental to his success, far beyond his business experience, his education, his perseverance, was his imagination. Every morning just before awakening he entered a space of complete clarity where problems were instantly solved, ideas were plucked, and total serenity was briefly experienced. He called that sacred space (more)
Spontaneous combustion, a fear few of us possess, for me is now a terrible reality. I have been robbed of the natural feeling of safety and comfort one feels while resting in bed. Think about it, if one cannot feel safe and secure in the confines of their own(more)
Habitual spending was her main problem. Well not really a problem for her but rather a problem for her financier, me. An airport gift shop, a Beverly Hills boutique, a garage sale, a girl scout cookie drive, it didn't matter, she always found something she couldn't live without. The(more)
One day you won't be able to remember where your socks are. Individual drawers will have no meaning.  Boundaries will cease to exist. The sky, trees, dogs, and I will be the same. Your anger, fear, joy, and sorrow, will simply be waves of energy that have forgotten their names.
We hardly knew each other the day I took Minda, our nanny, and my three year old daughter Carey to Griffith Park. The primary attraction was the merry-go-round, however there were other attractions, but the one that caught my daughter's eye were the riding ponies. They were hitched to(more)