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Amelia cleared her throat. "Madame Nashira?"


"I believe it's time I left."
"Life goes on. You know that as well as I do."

"And if she--if the Spirit of Hope dies--then what?" Michael was silent for a moment, so Seraphiel pressed on. "We both know that she is the manifestation of the sole thing every being needs to live--good or(more)
I normally try to walk with my chin up and shoulders back, in order to make me look confident when I don't feel that way. Which is always. I used to walk around in a sullen manner, my eyes down at the ground, my shoulders slumped, looking as though(more)
Eve was shocked. Suddenly everything she had been and planned on being was collapsing, and only this puny shell of a body was keeping her from exploding. And since nothing could go out, the only place for her stormy emotions to go was in. In and in, so far(more)
We can't quite say it's the fruit's fault for looking inedible and tasting quite the same. It's sure to happen if it's allowed to fall from the tree. Perhaps it becomes bitter because it wonders WHY no one caught it, WHY no one retrieved it from the tree before(more)
Caimen laughed gleefully as the ship violently pitched forwards, sending yet another spray of ocean water into their faces.
"Aren't you glad you came along?" he called to Don.
Don scowled as he clung the mast. "No!" he shouted as he spat the salty brine out of his mouth.(more)
"You were born of a different mother?"
Caimen nodded.
"Then you're not the legitimate heir, so--"
"I am the legitimate heir. My mother was still queen and my father still claims and accepts me as his firstborn son," Caimen interrupted in an icy tone.
"But now that you've run(more)
Amelia groaned as the pain of tripping and scraping various parts of her body settled in. She was breathing heavily; she wasn't sure how long she'd been running. All she knew was that she had to get as far away as possible, before the school officials (And eventually the(more)
Through stories we are taught that the world is a stereotypical, superficial place. We are taught that we should be unique, different, and that though we may suffer at the hands of stereotypical, superficial people, we will always be the better person.
It was just one of those days. Those days when you can't really do anything, and it's not because you don't want to, it's because you just, for whatever reason, can't muster up the will or energy to do it.

Yes, it was one of those days. (more)
Tourmaline remembered a time when her sister was bearable, even cute. Ascella was the typical baby sister: Following her big sister around like a lost puppy, trying to imitate what she did all the time...

~*~ (more)
"Good God, I could swim in this air!" Ascella proclaimed dramatically.

Her older sister, Tourmaline, would've retorted to Ascella's complaint had it not been so close to the truth. The air was so thick and hot that it did in fact feel as though she was being smothered(more)
It was when they came upon that lively port town that Airi began to change. Jasper saw it immediately, having traveled with her for so long, but he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was.

It wasn't unusual that they went their separate ways while i(more)
"Wow, that old, huh?" the boy said to Ascella.

Ascella stamped her foot in fury. "Fourteen is not that old! And anyways, how old are you?!" she demanded.

"Thirteen," he replied without hesitation. (more)
She heard a soft knock at the door. That door that had always separated them. Rarely did he ever come knocking. It was almost always her that knocked. Then again, they hadn't talked in a while; he was bound to have come knocking eventually.