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All of my life's ambitions and aspirations were behind that door, right there. I'd just have to stroll in, sit down, accept the job offer, and I'd be set. Millions of dollars, trickling down into my lap. "If you take that money, if you go to that fucking meeting,(more)
Death used to enjoy his work. It kept him busy, day in and day out, and he was his own boss. People were dying left and right and he was never bored. But times were changing. People were actually starting to be healthy, and despite all of those sparks(more)
Everything sounded muffled, everything hurt, and Martin knew that nothing would be alright.  

Whomever had knocked him out had tied a bag over his head, one that stifled his breathing every time he started to hyperventilate. And when you've been kidnapped and bound, you tend to hyperventilate quite(more)
"You want to be a swordsman?" the man spoke with an accent, from some foreign country that Edwin couldn't even pronounce. His skin was as black as night, and in his hand, was a thin bladed rapier. He smiled, revealing a mouthful of beautiful white teeth.
The low rumble of a hungry stomach was one of life's greatest torture techniques. Castor would have begged for an iron maiden this time around, if they'd just give him a slice of stale bread and some butter, maybe a small cut of burnt black meat.  
To whom it may concern,

There are people after me. I don't know who, but I know they are. My evidence is not as solid as I'd hope it to be, but I've found small microphones around my apartment, and cameras in my television and computer. I dismantled(more)
The world was watching him now. His mother and his father, his sisters, his friends, and most of all, all of the United States of America. His radio let out a noise, and a voice traveled through the cockpit. "Can you hear me, Orion I? Ian, can you hear(more)
For Jason Wright, death was not an option. As the First of the Centurion Rangers, dying would not only set a bad precedent for any future rangers to come, but it would sully the otherwise perfect name around their organization. If he were to die, then who knows what(more)
The wind was especially strong today, whistling through the skyscrapers and the buildings, and much to Richard's annoyance, he couldn't light his cigarette.

He had come down for his scheduled break, still in his work clothes, a worn gray suit with a silver stripped tie. He wore a(more)
"No lies now, just tell us what happened, and maybe we can work out a deal or something for you," the District Attorney, Thomas Hawkins said softly. His hands were folded on top of his brief case, and his eyes were a shade of red behind his spectacles. He(more)
All my life I was called 'smart'. I got the highest grades, the most awards, the greatest honors, and I always came out with this beaming sense of optimism that I would go far in life. People had such high hopes for me, always telling me to aim for(more)