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He is fighting for breath, would scream if he had it in him, but you hold on, hold his hair to keep him under, despite the way his hands pry at your fingers and his nails dig into your wrists.
He can't keep this up much longer, and yo(more)
The hopeful souls out there will tell you that the end of one thing is the beginning of something else. A last kiss will give way to the next one, an old love shucked for something-- someone-- new, fresh, closer to what you need right now. Well, what he(more)
It is painted a shade of gray that he knows is most inoffensive to most people-- there was a study on it a few years back. It smells of cleaning supplies here, and the sparse furniture has been worn down by the constant stream of people coming in. One(more)
Some people break their life into chapters, with big, all encompassing titles like 'Childhood', 'the teenaged years', 'College', 'Parenthood'. He much preferred to break it down to individual pages. Less generalization, that way, less details lost to time or glossed over by forgetfulness.
He approached each day as its(more)
Standing near him, lying near him, she used to love it. His voice had been soothing, and the way the timbre of it caused the floor to vibrate around him ever so slightly was... she would call it what it was. Intoxicating. Enchanting. She loved his voice, loved the(more)
Even the mundane should, he thought, have elements of style in it. Cuff links in your required white shirt. A subtly showy tie tack. A pocket square that matches the socks that only show when you sit and your slacks slide upwards, revealing an inch above your shoes.
She'd never been good at relationships. It always started out well enough-- a relationship was like a fresh sheet of paper, to her. Endless possibilities. But over time, so much was written on it, drawn on it, erased... and then the tears came. Suddenly, the paper became damp, and,(more)
Life was... normal. Work was dreary and dull, his boss was dreadful, his girlfriend boring and predictable, his home plain... everything was always the same. Never changing, never exciting or interesting or new.
His psychiatrist advised stirring things up, finding some departure from the norm.
He was bad (more)
Elegance is timeless. Her mother taught her that. Pearls, red lips, diamonds, some things never go out of style, never grow irrelevant, though their owners do.
She wanted to be elegant, wanted never to go out of style. Refused to be the women she saw around her, who hi(more)
Steady at your back and unlikely to draw a knife on you, he'd always understood that a wall was what you wanted behind you in a fight. One less angle of approach for you to have to worry about.
Walls were a good place to make your stand, just(more)
The Google search history was damning. Poisons and how they were made. Knots that couldn't be undone by the wearer. Ways of hiding bodies. Hacked CCTVs that showed the road approaching an empty warehouse, the walls outside. The halls inside. Anatomy diagrams. Images to set the inspectors' stomachs churning.(more)
The sun was shining, the birds were screaming in glorious cacophony, the trees dripped, and the shadows clung to the ground. He wiped at the moisture on his face, a perpetual companion of his, ever since entering this humid place. Perhaps his only reliable company-- the rest seemed to(more)
She'd scattered candles through the apartment and in the faint glow of their light, she'd strewn rose petals in a pathway from the front door to their bed. She'd purchased brand new silk sheets and put a cupful of massage oil on the mug warmer, to be sure it(more)
Compromise is a beautiful thing. It holds families together and keeps friendships in working order. Compromise is the difference between acceptable and miserable. In a compromise, everyone wins.
The polar opposite of compromise, therefore, is the stand off, wherein none of the involved parties will give any ground a(more)
Your head is a wonderful place to retreat to, a wonderful place to relax and calm yourself. You can be in control there, regardless of what's happening outside of you. You can imagine cool, clear waves crashing onto the warm sands of a pristine beach. You can imagine sliding(more)