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Rose, who was our mom, came to our house one time during Christmas. I remember a car outside pulling up and there being a change in the room and the way that everyone acted. I remember having to say hello and then a time later...when I was outside and(more)
The stone fence hugs the edge of the hills as far as I can see. Some of the stones look like they've been in the same spot since the Earth was formed and others look out of place and seem to show no signs of age at all. They(more)
How long is the fold that ceases to be,
Forward in mind and outside your being?
When you take up the silence of all things,
Bind them to your life and see how it sings.
Now walk or stagger over the hollow,
The torn, the stagnant, and those who(more)
The man sat down and began trembling, and began to curse under his breath, and then commenced to stomping his feet against the floorboards making the silverware on the table and the china in the cupboard in the corner rattle and clink, to the point where they threatened to(more)
     After being skinned alive, Steven went to go see his friend Shaun. Steven rang the doorbell and after a few moments movement could be heard from inside the house, and then the door opened.  
     “Holy shit,” Shaun said through the screen door, “you did it. H(more)
The alarm woke me up at 3:15 in the morning. I had slept in my clothes that night because I was so anxious. I wanted to have as few things to worrying about in the morning, you know. That early you're more likely to make a mistake or forget(more)