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Something sweet I used to enjoy, dropping everything just so I can savor the taste. Now I taste nothing, indulging in the  comfort they gave me.
I used to enjoy milk and cookies, now I used them as a drug to comfort me in my sadness.
What I have is not a disease, yet I feel like should be treated as such. The lack of empathy I feel towards misfortune is quite painful, although it doesn't hurt actually hurt. Instead, there is a desire to understand, when in truth I have none.
I want to(more)
I read this on a T-Shirt once: The more I listen, the less I hear.
I found it to be true, I arrogantly let the words go though one ear and out the other. Because telling my friends or family to shut up about themselves would cause them to(more)
My beloved, I come to you, seeking comfort in your black winged embrace.
My angel of death, how I adore you, guiding me regardless of place or race.
Regardless of my dismay, regardless of my disgrace, you judge not, proving fair to all life. No matter how many, or(more)
There she is, the woman that pulled out my heart, and devoured it right in front of my eyes. There she is, brushing her long brown hair out of her eyes as she turned to look at me, looking down so that she can look at my face beneath(more)