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The first time she steps on a slug,
her face falls into a mask of startled horror.
She hops around one one leg,
wiping her short chubby fingers
across her fat chubby foot,
and when the goo just clings to her skin, (more)
I’m greedy for the planes of your face, for the light behind your eyes.
when we were young, we’d lie on the grass,
deep in the hidden reaches of the evening,
and we’d watch the sky fall into
soft lilac and orange and pink.

when we were young, we’d tell each other stories, (more)
I am not broken, Beloved. I am not the shattered, scattered person you desire. I am whole and hale. I am dust and demons alike. I am my own strength, my own song.
I am not broken, Beloved.
And neither are you. (more)
Lady Bright Eyes, he calls her, in the dark of their nights when the demons lay hands on her soul.

Lady Bright Eyes, he breathes into her skin. Come back to me, my queen.
He talks about how if he wants to get a job working for the government, he can’t have any identifying features, so tattoos are out, and you watch the way his eyes light up and the way his lips move and the way he walks and the particular curl(more)
We’re all just stardust, boy, delicate as a new dawn, waiting for daylight to find us and make us glow.

But our skin’s too thick, boy, too thick to let the light through, and there’s a restless tragedy lurking below our hearts.

Your blood tastes like th(more)
I made tracks across the boundless plains of the sky

left this dull cold earth behind

Lit at last with starfire
you have a dragonfly heart, my love,
flitting from light to dark across my world
and I hold out my hands for you to land on,
I hold out my own heart for that brief shining second
when you take your rest within the safety
you perceive my hand(more)
We stepped off the ledge, down into the pit below her temple, into the maw of the earth. As we descended, Bellona’s hair turned more and more white, and her face grew more and more lined, and her power waned.
I carried her spent form the last steps to(more)
We walked across the seasons into the city of gods. Temples reared back from the streets, their spires scraping the dome of the sky, paying homage to the gods of fear, fury, blood, the gods of darkness, shadow, dusk. Above them, on the peak of the hill, rose temples(more)
There was a city where my village had been. It too looked like it would fall from the cliffs into the sea at the slightest breeze. Low tide stench still rose from the dead fish, the sun still beat down, the labor was still hard, the whispers still hung(more)
The god of blood was waiting for us. He ran his fingers through the goddess’s hair and the silver receded, replaced with a sickly red sheen. “We need you,” he told her. “We need war.”
“I am not yours,” she said, pushing him away. “You are mine. You(more)
We met the god of fury in the next city. He called out to the goddess from the heights of the city walls, beckoned her to come in and see his handiwork. His voice was manic, loud. He crouched above the gates and sowed anger and hatred throughout the(more)
We stood on the hill beyond and watched the city burn. Flames lit the night, and dark shadows winged overhead.
The goddess put her hands on my face and said, “You see my will.”
There was a strand of silver in her autumn hair. I touched it gently,(more)