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A century or two ago there was a linguistic shift in the use of certain consonants in what we call the Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian). One of the most evident shifts was that of 'f' to 'h' in certain words. This little bit of knowledge(more)
My grandparents were always trying to make miniature naturists out of us. We would sit in the yard and Nana would point out the birds and plants that she knew. She was always so excited about all of them!  
Oh, see that? It's called Queen Anne's lace! You're mommy(more)
The sun was high and hot and far away, hovering before continuing on to the hottest part of the day. I inspected the last trellises and turned back toward the house for siesta. On my walk back I could feel the sun burning the moisture out of the air.(more)
"This isn't the place that makes ice cream out of cereal milk, is it?" David asked. "Because I told you that grosses me out."
Ana pulled him around along the sidewalk. "No. This is a breakfast cereal bar." They dodged another food tour group as well as the line(more)
"Blah blah blah," he smiled, handing me my groceries. I smiled/grimaced back. "Bleh bleh bleh, eh?" he continued. I nodded, hoping it would answer the question. It didn't seem to, but I left anyway.
"Oh, it'll be great!" everyone had said. "It doesn't matter if you don't speak French-(more)
When I was young my father had a peculiar philosophy about travelers and anyone who popped into his life. He treated them well and even took care of them when he could. It wasn't that he had a bleeding heart or a soft, caring nature (in fact he was(more)
Long ago, when the world was young and there was still magic in it, there lived a boy who ran opposite of everyone else. That is, from birth the boy was awake all night and slept only during the day.  It was a very lonely life for the boy, as(more)
Stardust sat poised in the air around me. It was falling slowly, like glimmering snow that had been frozen in a single moment. I didn't breathe, didn't move for fear of disturbing its orbit.

It wasn't actually stardust, of course; it was just ordinary dust from the apartment(more)
Father Abbot stood behind his desk with his hands behind his back, looking down on me from the perch of his long frame.
"Eight months. Eight months as a novice. Are you ready to take vows as a brother?"
"I don't know, Father, I-" (more)
"It's good."
"Are you kidding?! It's *delicious*!"
She ate some more and with her mouth full said, "Yes, fine, it is delicious. It's ugly, though."
He shrugged. "So? Delicious things are ugly. Pigs are ugly."
"Mmmm, yes." Another bite. "You know, this would probably go great with pig. We(more)
This winter is everlasting. This cold and snow and everything everything everything with it. The land has been monochromatic for so long, all black trees and white snow and concrete roads lined with grey banks that just keep growing
and you think that you need a change, something about(more)
Anna and I met mis en scene, already in love. All we- the audience/protagonists- had to do was catch up with the story. Those first nights were long and expository histories, at first filled with our best stories and moments and then with our darker hours. All of those(more)
"Twenty-oh-one Independence."  I said it confidently to the taxi driver, and tried to sound bored, too.  I tried to sound like the city was my home, my everyday life, and that I knew this place that I was just coming back to.  I know this place, cabbie, so don't jerk me around.  "Rig(more)
          Since the night I met you I've been afraid you were going to leave.  Not out of anger or cruelty; you're just not the type to stay anywhere.  So if you leave, I'll understand.  But if you stay- today- I want you to know that I want th(more)
I'd like to say that I was looking at her eyes, but my glance spent more time darting down to her cleavage than anywhere near her face.  We were looking at each other, anyway, when Tim walked up.  He leaned in toward my ear so that I could hear him above(more)