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We talked through the normal adult talk. Work, kids (hers), where we lived, how we were doing. I didn't mention my girlfriend, and she only said, "Oh, Jon's Jon," when I asked. We talked some more, but then we talked less. That was the way it had always gone:(more)
Why don't I write any more?

Not enough time? Not enough "inspiration"? It all sounds ridiculous, all of the lame excuses. I used to draw from the people and events around me, and that meant I was living a "literary  life", I told myself. Am I living a lif(more)
Sleep lifted quickly and I found myself lying awake in a dark room. I could have looked at the clock to check the time, but somehow I could already sense the hour. This was the hollow, weightless time when the night had long passed but the morning had yet(more)
"I would," she said. "I really would. If I died first, I mean."

"That's grim, isn't it?" I asked.

'I'll haunt you..." she sang, her voice lilting pleasantly. "I'll haunt you when I'm gone... you'll never love again..." Her singing turned to laughter at this last part.(more)
I pulled out my cell phone and checked the time again; somehow I'd forgotten in the last 30 seconds. 'I should be there in 20 minutes,' I thought. 'Maybe 30 ...? No, I should get there early. 20 minutes.' Either way I had just enough time to grab a(more)
"What are you going to do today?"
"I'm hungover... I don't know." I shrugged into the phone on my shoulder. "Whatever."
"Alright. Maybe I'll see you out later. Peace."
I hung up and immediately my cell phone rang again. Unknown number, third time this morning. It was probably somebod(more)
I came in through the back door, like I used to. It was always unlocked and there was usually somebody in the kitchen- Ann or David or their boy- to greet me. I was the goofy neighbor back then, I guess. I'd show up, grab a beer, greet everybody,(more)
In the Illinois countryside, roads stretch out emptily for miles, laid out in a numbered grid. 13000 West, 14000 West, 15000 West... keep going. It was different than the small town where I had grown up. The yards were not only bigger, they were infinite. The "neighbors" were a(more)
Most days, Barcelona seemed far away. Miles, years- however you wanted to measure it, it was far. There had always been some degree of adventure while living abroad. On the grand scale was the adventure of history and buildings and important cultural education, and on the smaller scale there(more)
I'm trying to figure out what you are. It's been the defining question of my life, actually. I definitely know who you are... I mean, I certainly recognize you. But what are you?
You've changed so much. You went through all of the usual dramatic changes of youth an(more)
I've always dreamt of living in Paris. The City of Lights glowed in my memory from childhood, a beacon that I never understood and never questioned. I followed that light anywhere it led. From my tiny, furthest-point-from-Paris town in the Midwest I did everything I could to somehow achieve(more)
I like to imagine that there was nothing remarkable about the day that David quit. I picture him waking up slightly late, performing a rushed version of bathroom rituals and taking a light 'breakfast'- an oatmeal bar or a toaster pastry- and then going to work. Perhaps the rushed-routine(more)
It wasn't difficult to like Monica immediately. Even from far away, her petite, lithe frame inspired an ancient protective instinct men sometimes still feel, the feeling that it fell to us to guard something fragile and beautiful. Her face carried on along those graceful lines with dark almond eyes(more)
I know he started with gin, but I have no idea what went into the glass after that. Something dark and thick from a long bottle, another liquid shot out of a squeeze-bottle, and did he just crack an egg? It all went in, not in a blur but(more)
11:42 a.m. Not an appropriate time for a drink. No. Not on a weekday. 
I wrung my hands a bit and checked my clothes in the mirror again. They hadn't changed from a moment before- still a crisp buttin-up, grey slacks, and shoes with the perfect amount of shine. Nobod(more)