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I was made in a mountain
cliffs and all
I have seen foothills bigger than my shoes
I have toppled them all
An aged fruit bears more seed than you think
we are all sonnets on the tip of a poisoned tounge
This is volcanic;
a brewing mix of thoughts and panic
bellowing below my feet to my fingers
feeding the haunts that linger
listless and eager
I am (more)
Kitchen nails; benevolence
Trees the bend around the world
Wiped smiles on the sleeves of strangers
yawn through the cotton.
Wooden dreams, clean knees
"tell me how many times?" (more)
Put the sea next to us
Perch on the seat behind the loss
Analogies to the holocust
Bite the Dust (more)
the fast paced logos
a renamed focal
point of morals.
Dethroned totems
breathing fire in the chest (more)
It clicks
a tomb-box minagerie
clapping back to me
in admiration
a focal aspiration
torn to shreds and a gasp of apathy (more)
I walk with the trees into the forest of themselves
only to let the beast breathe while I show what eyes can't tell
A mist of breathings
beneath the steeples
complete and fleeting
held close yet ever leaving
devoid of reason
a lesion (more)
slippery to the touch, touching infinity to feel the rush
I am humbled and homed, walled up to be deboned
a lasting muscle beating at the speed of your unplayed tones
mingle with whats left of me, mystify my infamy (more)
She speaks with spigots in her mouth
"Dance you medallion merchant"
clear your chest on picket boughs.
You're the hourglass
that fills the hour
You're the scapegoat
that escapes the tower
You're the lifeboat
which floats me alone (more)
Simple time
curved at the knees, carved before the bees
with bubbles falling out of my hands.
She, the Library whispered
into my ear
A father of Gore on her shoulder.
She, the torrential Artist
of bound Nurses
mended the shores of the world (more)