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She could remember only two things from The King And I, but they were the same idea. Firstly, foreign men and kings teach white missionary women how to dance while dogmatically ordering, "let us dance!"; secondly men and kings are rather overbearing.
What really puzzled her, though, is that(more)
Little paper castle, set on the curb.
This school project is done.
"Noshing buhtween my soul and the savior! Keep the way clear! Let nuhthingg between!!!" The young drunk Eskimo man belted out the hymn with gusto.
Some people get mean after a few drunks, but Aaron was always sweet, and devout.
His grimy hands held his bible and he re(more)
"I am in the heart of despair!" Olivia moaned.
"The heart of despair? Good God, what are quoting? Who talks like that?"
"I talk like that!" Olivia stopped sobbing only long enough to snap at her friend.
This was a bad day. (more)
Flat top. Eklutna. Bear. Ptarmigan. Wolverine. Pioneer. Knoya. Kanchee. Tikishla. Juneau. Roberts. Goat. Pikes. O'Malley. Rendezvous...Gordon-Lyon..... Baldy.......
In her mind she ticked away every peak she had ever climbed, every mountain she had loved. Oh for the freedom of the hills, the exquisite joy of the naked (more)
you have up to 300 words. what will you say?Before technology trampled its loud elephant feet all over my quiet world... How many other people heard a robin sing in mid-April and reflected that it sounded just like running water?
When he came through to this world I saw his face floating beneath me in the water. His dark little shock of hair, ruffled in the pool. So tranquil. I could see nothing else in that moment.
And when I scooped him up and into my arms I coul(more)
A murder of crows
A coven of witches
A crash of rhinoceroses
A pride of lions
A cuddle of Care Bears.
I don't even remember how cold it was in those days. I only know that we lived with the cold like strands of a braid. Cold, humanity, and the necessity to cope. With that unholy trinity life went on. In that understanding we lived. In that way life was(more)
My elementary school was a long low building. Each door was painted a different color. The first door, kindergarten (or shall we say 'kindie-garden' as I remembered it?) was forest green. Outside the windows of the kindie-garden classroom grew long-needled pines from which baby birds often fell.
We humans get lost in the smallest of places: a good book, a lovely pair of eyes, a moment.
We sat around the campfire singing songs about God's love being like apples and bananas, and putting the devil in a box. The effect was charming, comforting, a balm for our awkward pubescent souls.
I saw the most remarkable girl the other morning. She was waiting for a skiff on the corner across from Friday Harbor in her black rain slicker and gum boots. Her eyes were as gray as a Maine Coon, so gray that if she were to cry I'm certain(more)
Bess plunked the frothy concoction down upon the counter. "This here I call the 'Surly Snowman,'" she barked. Jake lifted one brow at the portly old bar maid. "I understand the Surly element, but what exactly is the 'Snowman'...?" Jakes voice trailed away as he studied the glass. It(more)
Her mother declared the word easily, with gusto, even. But Violet read it slowly. Just one word in stained glass- Rebel- was it a command or a title? Now that was the question. Her eyebrows narrowed. "But Mum, how do you know that it does not say ruuuhbel, as(more)