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first time I saw you
you had burst
into song
like a bird
and you sang
so fetchingly (more)
it's tradition
(of course)
to revoke
all our rights
at birth -
let the smarter men, (more)
"Say it louder, please."
       Three little words fading on
            the lips: "I love you."
I saw the sun die
      and I whispered to it: "please,"
               "hide me." And it did.
It was a beautiful day.
The sun shone down gently, and the wind through the trees was a sweet music to her ears.
She was lying on the towel in her swimsuit, working on her tan. Although, to be honest, there wasn't much left to work on. Her sk(more)
He jolted awake as the pebble struck his window with a loud bang. Dismissing it as his imagination, he turned to gather the blankets over him, and nestle down into the pillow for a try at a hopefully more dreamless sleep, but an even louder bang from the window(more)
America is dying one soul at a time. We were promised something more, something better, we could be anything we wanted to be or so we were told, astronauts and journalists and doctors, and we were stupid enough to believe them.
If she looked at it it wouldn't move.
If she just stared at it, kept her eyes on it, it wouldn't move, wouldn't do anything - right? That was how it worked, right?
She thought she'd seen that in a TV show one time. Maybe it was Doctor Who(more)
The patio was cold and wet, but he stayed out there anyways, staring out into the woods with his cup of coffee and his dressing gown and all the trappings of civilization, vain and ineffective and helpless against the primeval power embodied in the wood.
What a wood it(more)
I am the wind;
  I shall blow and rage, but I cannot break the willow.
I am the fire;
  I shall burn and sear, but I cannot consume the stone.
I am the sand;
  I shall shift and crumble, but I cannot hide the truth.
I am the journey;(more)
Why do we live after death?
        So that what we start may be ended.
Why do we die after life?
        So that what we end may be renewed again.
Why do we start what cannot be finished?
He didn't normally get seasick.
This, however, seemed to be the exception.
Months at sea seemed to have broken through his resistance and he had just finished heaving his guts over the side of the ship.
He ended up flat on his back, staring up at the pristine sky.(more)
Virago was coming.
He touched down in the middle of Stanley, Idaho, breaking open the general store with one gargantuan mauve tentacle.
The man inside ran out,screaming, and Virago impaled him on one of his feeder prongs and retracted him back into his gaping maw.
A crunch an(more)
The curious thing about identical twins is that each one always seems to have some idea of what the other is doing or thinking.
So when Emily first got the idea that she liked John a little bit more than just as a friend, her sister Jayne knew, of(more)
"He was having an affair."
He was having an affair and that was why dad couldn't live with them any more.
She, being younger, didn't understand. Didn't he love them?
That was why she spent her whole adolescence without a father.
He was in a flat in the other(more)