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"I'm fine. I'm just tired."
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, I just need to rest."

Half truths.
I know a smile will cover my tracks. (more)
I sat on this floor. It was littered with papers and pencil and eraser shavings. Crumpled scraps tossed aside. Old drawings that I hated to look at. Old poems that I didn't bother read. Abandoned stories that I had lost inspiration for. Pages and pages of notes, exams, and(more)
The door swung open, and the guards threw her in. Kitro stared at her for a moment, horrified. She had blood stains that started between her legs. Her right arm was completely wrapped, the left side of her face had bleeding scratches.  
"I need to cut more out."

"More?" She stared at him as his image sat back in the chair on her screen. He was staring off to the side, like he normally does when he's deep in thought.
Trust. Trust is letting someone walk into your life and settle in. And for us, it's quite a bit closer than that.

My home. My wolf den. It's open to a lot of people. Friends can knock, some even know when I leave the door unlocked so the(more)
Take these pills, my dear, my dear
Quickly, quickly, drink them down
they'll help you think
they'll help you dream
they'll help you sleep tonight.
you have up to 300 words. what will you say?Pocket change  
rattle, jingle,
rattle, jingle
spare your change, good sir, good ma'am, good miss
Words that echo into the dismal void. Unheard, unheeded, unappreciated. Like lights fading into an eternal darkness, they flicker, and soon disappear.

Some of those words are just a sound. An idea more driven by how the words come together than how a story unfolds. Countless characters' live(more)
I'm not so good with planning. I do try, but I'm also not good with sticking to the plans. I suppose that's been with me all my life.

Change can sometimes be a terrifying thing. As wonderful as the results can be, change is like scraping out a(more)
Already behind. Trying to catch up.
"This is supposed to be difficult, so just take it easy."
But can't you see? I can't "just take it easy".
I'll just keep pushing forward.
Come up with a better proposal, and I'll think about it. :P
I look at my dreams,
stars that are still well beyond the tips of my fingers.
I gaze out to my goals,
miles of road between where I stand and where I'm going.
I stretch my hands towards my ambitions,
and they slither away from me.

Sigh. (more)
She had long, straight, jet black hair. They called her the Raven girl.

Most of the others were lighter-haired. Blonde, brown hair. Brown, green, hazel eyes. She was different.
It isn't how they think of me, it's how I might believe them.

It isn't the mistakes I've made, but how I don't seem to change.
A spark. A motion. An idea. Tender moments and extreme circumstances. A push, a pull, don't let go now.

The flame rises like a snake along the line of gunpowder. A desire. A passion. No time to waste, just act, just sing, just write, just play. Letting the(more)