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          The door was made of cedar. It stood between me and the outside world. When I was having a bad day, it would protect the world from my teenage angst. When he was having a bad day, which was often, it would protect me from him.
Already seen. That's the literal translation. These days, those are the words that seem to define my life. It's naive to think that I have already seen everything that I will see, but a rather large part of me believes that I've already felt everything that there is to(more)
     The warm spring air exited my lungs as quickly as it entered. My legs were pushing the bicycle pedals as fast as they could handle in order to keep up with the second cyclist a few yards ahead. Sweat dripped down my forehead. My eyes burned with the(more)
The bar immediately screamed the digit in unison.

I looked the television, unsure of my ability to count down from ten in this state of intoxication.

The friends who followed me into the establishment had begun to pair off in order to prepar(more)