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Picture 7
Back against the wall? Yes. Okay, good. Can I sit? No, no, everyone is standing, I will look odd sitting whilst they are standing.
Okay calm yourself, take a deep breathe, but for the love of god try not to look like you are. There that's.... wait is that...(more)
Movies are, I think we can agree, by and large unnatural. Nobody in the real world reacts to situations in their lives normal lives as one does in a movie. Except, when they do.

I remember that late Autumn afternoon spent alone in that wholly too large house.(more)
When I was in High School I lived in hand me downs from the nineties because it was all my family could afford.
I was teased a lot. To mentally combat this I told myself that style was a prison of conformity until it was out of date.
It must have been a bad day for old Jake, sitting in the bar double fisting two double whiskeys, no ice. I was wiping down the bar, still sticky from the night before and letting my nose adjust to the stench of stale beer, tinged with the pungent odor(more)
We drank and played Uno and laughed the night before because it's tradition to never bring up what is happening the next day.
When we heard that our youngest sibling would be bringing his wife who we hate, we doubled our alcohol intake in preparation, because it's tradition.
Well two of her ribs had been kicked in, she was fairly certain of that. Nancy was just glad he had left her face unscathed this time. A little rib pain would be much easier to hide from her work colleagues than a shiner.
She looked around the kitche(more)