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The me
A day will come when we will:
no longer concern ourselves with time,
make love like summer’s breaking,
doubt indelicate languages in stone,
revel in selfless assistances,
scream across skies and reveal the fraction that we know,
create empires of candescent turbulence,
wield our bolts of(more)
I can't always be tied to my shame like this- like some incontinent dog. When the day comes for my moment- my shot- I will take it. This dying animal I am fastened to will stand in attention and sail me beyond Byzantium. My long life will have an(more)
Pockets stocked: lockpicks locket and locks. sand gritting pocked heel bound in the socks. Two shoes too ruined to keep toes from colluding with rocks. Toxic shocks polluting his glottal intrusions. A 1-inch box with six miles of stupid.
Why is it that something that makes one place great is something that makes another unbearable? For instance- sky. I love the sky, and for the most part, it loves me. Stepping out of scrub lands into the heart of Austin, past the ramshackle crews of bunkhouses reeking of(more)
You asked if we could visit Thoreau's Walden. I was afraid to be the ice harvesters just taking the surface instead of the wild men who fished brilliant pickerel from the transcendent water.  I shouldn't have been, you will never let me just dance on the surface, you always urge(more)
Day 3: I can hardly stand to be on this ship, anymore. Sharon said I would feel like a pirate if we chartered this dinghy. I know that it is more of a schooner, but it feels too crowded. She said I- we could enjoy this little pleasure cruise.(more)
I knew we had nothing to fear of coyotes. They don't rove in numbers enough to threaten people or go after living prey, but I feared them all the same.

While memory amplifies moments of bliss, it does the same for fear. I can remember blazing summer day(more)
When I am finished with stumbling around, pretending I will actually generate something worth while eventually, I will probably generate something that is obviously halfhearted and weak.

It is difficult to unfetter oneself.
There's the power of the Devil in that boy.
It is nothing like adrenaline or mushrooms or snorting mescaline. Drugs can't touch it. It might be like skinny dipping while skydiving, but I've never tried them in conjunction. No, spontaneous collaboration of music is more like reinventing gravity or vacation.
I have no excuses, anymore. Not work, not whiskey, not any of the Pynchonesque vignettes unfolding to unstrap me from sleep too deeply entrenched under the bared teeth of the moon, not to keep me from moving onward. Progress seems like a daunting thing only if you make it(more)
"No, she said she was picking up some British people." This answer, having no question to call progenitor, lingered in my ears in an unwell way.

Seeing as I usually had to interpret her babble (inglish)  into English, I inquired further with, "Huh? British people?"

Not phased i(more)
Dear future inhabitants of Earth,

We tried, kinda.

With my filthy clothes and focus, advancing on serpents with gory knives in my teeth, I seek to revive the flagging violence of intelligent people, because that's what we need. But, we are all afraid, smart people included. (more)
The reason she was on the carpet- the reason she was crying in a heap on the carpet was because of what she found out. She never meant to go about her relationship as a detective. Eureka moments just come unannounced, don't they?
Never fully understanding people's ideas of why solitude was such a big, scary issue is probably why I end up alone. It is never really physical separation, but feeling like an intellectual isolate. Loneliness and solitude are often confused, but are not the same thing. More or less, I'm(more)