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The me
penises, vaginas, and pie tins.
A lone cello played on in the background as the party screeched to a halt. One man in brown trousers had called the black betrousered man's wife a strumpet.

Fisticuffs ensued amongst gasps and cries of disbelief. No one continued to dance or talk, but the cellist playe(more)
"All I'm saying is," Dean took a drag from a cigarette, "We fashion our tools with preconceived notions."

Grey thought that was ridiculous, "Like a shovel? What does that even mean?"
I met Katherine in September. We were just getting the hang of the Georgia heat and it was all ready threatening winter. I lied to her to keep her near me. It was the worst thing I ever did.

The cold kept us together beyond that, the grad(more)
"It's a project for school."

"A sex book?"

"A book that won't be useful for some time."
Lemon meringue pie, peaks of sweet white on yellow glisten atop mom’s pitted oak table sawn ages prior out of the roof boards of the crumbling tire factory in Bryansk.

Sporadic white spires of lead-painted brick shot up through tree tops like glass shards stuck in fruit. I(more)
I cannot remember doing anything with any art. Perhaps it is freelance writing/editing, but not even working on my book (or the rough approximate of what might be considered a book) is enough to spark that "in the zone" feeling. Hours spent at my manuscript after hours spent at(more)
This Buick, once a pinnacle of affordable luxury and comfort--though lacking on the "cool" factor--has served well. It gets me places, or rather, near enough to places that if it does decide to nap, walking is no huge bother. Of course, if I were driven for 388k miles, I(more)
The torment of younger girls, giggling--it drives me to some paroxysm of lust. It comes on like a hot wave, and I can't move very quickly. Not every young woman does this to me, just the ones who notice me and shift their demeanor. A lowered blouse, a raised(more)
A patient man once told me something painfully relevant and poignant that I have forgotten completely. That's not the important part--that's the teller's demeanor. He was stranded in Woodstock, GA, waiting on a AAA truck. I asked him if he was sure he didn't want to wait inside, in(more)
"Oh, yeah," thought James, "I should really go pick up my foot." It was difficult for James to hobble over and grab his own extremity. The splintered bone shot rivers of pain up to his teeth.

The people nearby rushed to help, but were immediately stopped by th(more)
Bolting up, spine straight, ready for a fight, I was initially relieved to discover that the little things hitting my window weren't large bugs. I had been waiting for you in my car for days it seems, reading a book I could only possibly get through if I were(more)
She carries a particular radiation. I am weak to it. One could suppose that I could gird my mind to it, but I have failed.

I don't think she knows my aggression for her. She arrives full of hope, cursing the coming nightfall, carrying a book with leaves(more)
Ashtray overflowing,
staring at a pristine screen,
Joel Moore begged some
hidden muse for help

Feeling as he could (more)
This is my lesson plan to get you all ready for the day when you bring whole marriages crashing to the ground with a mistake. Once you get past shame and dignity, you can really open up your varieties of mistakes.  First, let's all try a quik speling mistake. See(more)