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God got me bad. That Ass-shit.
Spend all day worshipping and doing His bidding to get into heaven, and he still hasn't bothered letting me rest yet.  

My daddy used to take me flying. Back in the old days, when we were wealthy folk, when we owned th(more)
Live happily ever after?  
It sounded like such a good plan.  
Unfortunately, our family story had a sequel. Turns out bad guys can come back for revenge. And in some sad stories, they kill the hero.  
Never play a guitar solo for Moonlight Sonata at an avid punk concert. Things go all sorts of wrong. James came to me before he went on, said he was planning on doing something special. I told him it better not be one of those punk suicides. That had(more)
Old guy. I can take him.    
I used to be a baseball player. Then the whole steroids thing happened. Now I only use the bat for other reasons. Still use my lucky bat though.    
The old guy looks rich, coming from the stadium. He's one of the last ones(more)
It was brighter than the sun.  

I remember being inside that crummy classroom, worrying about things that don't matter now. How I was going to get the kids to start taking me seriously. How I'm going to afford another baby. How at 43 I'm starting to get old. (more)
Worldly eyes with
The most curiosity,
Sees all of nothing
The Light versus the Dark. Good versus Evil. I had my rifle. My unit and I saw them coming, and we prepared. James was sniping from the roof. I was behind some bags of sand, praying that they didn't have at armor piercing rounds. We knew we were outgunned,(more)
I hid the empty milk bottles under my bed.  They were filled with nickels and dimes and quarters and dirty pennies I found on the corners of the city streets. Sometimes, people would give me a dollar, but usually just pocket change. When my drunk father found them, he accused(more)

"There is a word for almost anything. They named elephants and donuts and philosophy, but what they have not named this feeling I have. This idea of an island, isolated and mysterious. You don't know why it's there, but you accept it. It's beauty is obvious. It'(more)
She sat sweetly, supported steadily by the sitting chair. This was her home, simple and secure, held together by white walls just waiting to become an easel. In her kitchen was a gallery of spices and soft wooden spoons, of morning light and fudge from the last afternoon. She(more)
We are all told we have to take our course in life. We are told that there is a road that we must each take, and if we don't our lives are meaningless. We are told to push harder to get what we want, without knowing what it is(more)
I jumped to prove I couldn't fly. Always answering questions and never questioning the answers. "Get a job, be successful" my father would say, in his father's tone. "Work first, play later." Every word perfectly rehersed. Every lesson brought down. And I was expected to do the same. I(more)
In judgement I trust
If only I might be one of those people. The ones that see an ant as an ant, or see a friend as a friend. And that is all. With their problems, that they see as problems, and their dreams which they know are there. The beautiful simplicity of(more)
"I'm pretty sure the term is, "I GOT your back."
"Naw, man. It's moving on, now people be saying I'm on your back. Watching it and shit. Like the motherfuckers in the army going into a war. Soldier says to another soldier when they going into facility to take(more)