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Keep walking.
Do you feel that?
That's the ground.
In your life the ground will change.
It will be Wooden. It will be Muddy. It will be Grassy.
It will Curve. It will Raise. It will Drop.
Just keep walking.
I was going to write a story about a guy that is in love with this girl that only comes in the summer and how each year he tries to improve and each year he fails and realizes no matter how good he looks, how fit he is, how(more)
I wish I had hands that could write stories. But I don't.
I wish I had a mind that could show truth. But I don't.
I wish I had a heart that could be beautiful. But I don't.
I don't.
I don't.
I don't.
I wasn't lucky enough.

I've never been to a bakery. I thought they were in farietales and Europe. But a Bakery. The smell of cooking yeast. The flour that dusts the floor. The sound of crunching freash bread.
The toaster only popped when I looked away.

Now she's dying in front of me.
"We are okay."
"Most of us are okay."
"I'm okay."
"Wake up. We're almost there."  

The plane window cover opens a crack. It's blinding. How long have I been asleep?  

"Long enough. Time to get up."   (more)
"Draw a circle over the heart."  

"Why, is this arts and crafts?"  

"So I know where to put the pointy end, Jesus. Its like carving a pumpkin. If pumpkins bled. A sharpie's somewhere over there."  

"Scalpel. Marker. Action."  

"We'll need a ham(more)
Jounrnal Entry 3/10/13

There lies Sam Carver.
Husband. Father. Psychopathic killer.
Don't RIP, you motherfucker.
I once knew a company that specialized in space exploration.
They're apparently not in business anymore.

People stopped wishing on stars long ago. We failed the upgrade to a type 2 humanity. Turns out we aren't ready for a better world. When people don't have anything to (more)
"The sink is running."  
"Hey, we're talking to you!"  
"The sink is running, I have to fix it."  
"Your house is bye-bye. No more. Do you understand?"  
"Yes, but I have to fix the sink before it floods. Lily wouldn't like that."  
"Maybe we hit hi(more)
"Following you, cowboy."

Pitch black. Just the way I like it. I hook in and slowly start to drop. The wall is moist, lots of moss too. This place must be thousands of years old. My headlight doesn't hit the other side. The whole place sounds like a(more)
When the heart stops beating, it drains till there's nothing.

When people undergo surgery, they come out a bit different. They walk funny for a while. We often have to remind them of why they are there. I like to think that while the amnesia put them under(more)

A baby blue blanket. Must be used.    
Locks of the to-be-parents. At least 3 inches long. Must be from both partners.    
For the best results, use another human infant. If unavailable, exchange with a piglet, or another infant animal roughly(more)
"You just know everything, don't you?"

Door slam. High heels clink the marble floor. The rhythm gets the song "Another one Bites the Dust" stuck in my head. Maybe I aught to stop correcting her all the time. Maybe I won't get the chance too. That's unfortunate. (more)