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Jack-sparrow-pirates-of-the-caribbean-9109893-842-1191 (566x800)
There is simply no way to do so, unless you are a Tralfamadorian.
My fingers raced across the keyboard, but not nearly as quickly as my thoughts raced through the empty space in my head. Each second, motivation flowed across the empty corners of my brain, creating bursts of color in the blackness, flowers of light in every dark crevice. It felt(more)
I often feel this sort of spite. The feeling that you have done more than someone could have ever asked, or more specifically, felt more than they ever could have needed, yet in the end they throw away your efforts. They didn't need them, they never needed them, or(more)
Everything is relative and open to interpretation. Due to that, life can be a sort of gray zone, and it's easy to get lost. What is your fault, what is someone else's? What could you have done differently, what was just fated to happen? What was a right choice(more)
There is one place that has always been near to my heart. A cliff, that overlooks a single valley, narrow but deep. The lookout lies one mile past the crest of the ridge behind my house. I went there after almost every day of middle school. After school I(more)
Sunlight streaming through my window slowly lifted me back to consciousness. I felt my dream slip away, and as I opened my eyes, felt it be replaced by a beautiful view in front of me. The sun barely crested over the horizon, casting amber and gold rays over a(more)
The average age of the House of Representatives in the United States is, according to Google, 57. The average age of the Senate hobbles just a bit higher at 61. To most people, this seems like a pretty useless statistic. "Yes, our nation is run by a bunch of(more)
Carl stared blankly at the chalk board laying before him, his body exhausted but his mind restless.   It had been three days since he had last slept. In his line of work, this could be considered a blessing. For his personal life, it was definitely a curse. His breath(more)
I would write a sorrowful story, inspired by this sad prompt, but it seems that life is just a little bit too happy to be brought back to the sadness of the past. What a wonderful problem to have.
To an ant, whose life is but a brief burst of charismatic existence, us humans seem infinite. Our lifespan stretches far beyond their conception of time. I wonder if they think about what it would like to be human. How does it feel to live longer than a year?(more)
The bright orange flames licked at the firewood greedily, sending cascades of sparks flying into the air. The fire sparkled and twinkled in the dark night sky, warming the fingers and toes of Jack and Jill as they sat on dead trees in a small clearing.
The day's adventure(more)
Finally, the only noise ringing in Jack's ears was the static sound of silence. The yelling which had been going on for hours stopped abruptly without a trace. If one was to step in that house at that precise moment, they would not have known anything was wrong. But(more)
Eventually Jack could run no further. His legs took a mind of their own, and stopped in the middle of the forest.  
The cool fall air brushed up against his face, soothing the searing hot pain within and drying the tears.  
Leaves the color of autumn fell t(more)
It was a normal sunday night. Mom was in the kitchen making pot roast, while dad was chopping up veggies for a salad. They always worked together for dinner on sundays, so we could start dinner sooner and finish in time to watch Sunday Night Football. Upstairs in my(more)
The shuttle landed 72 hours ago. The reason I say hours rather than days, is that it’s been dusk here the whole entire time. Day’s are more like the length of months here. Approximately 2 light years away from what I call home. It’s the year 2246, and eventually(more)