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He was in a casino. Yes. A casino. Even if he had difficulty to spend a dollar without regreting afterwards, he was here, playing dices. Maybe it was the alcohol in his veins, maybe it was the beatiful lady who was with him who convinced him, we'll never know.(more)
Take a one last breath
And exhale very slowly
Your days are over.
I was playing hide and seek like any other day with my friends. The day, lets talk about it, was wonderful: hot, without wind and with only few dark clouds in the sky.

"1, 2, 3, 4..." (more)
Remember that game when we were kids, where we would keep our eyes open and the first one to blink lost?

Well, I'm 34 years old, and I'm playing that game. Simply now, I'm tied up to a wooden chair, with a gun on my temple. Sweat drops(more)
She's at the supermarket like any other day. The fluorescent light makes her skin look cold and pale even if, in reality, she has a soft and tanned skin.

She enters the fruits and vegetables aisle. She starts looking for carrots, cucumbers, peppers, etc.

At the same(more)
"Man, it feels like this is never going to end" he tells to his neighbor, who's attention is not concentrated in the conversation at all.

"Seriously, how is it supposed to end? At first they tell us it won't be long, only 2 years. Then they add one(more)

I'm shouting, sitting in the cold snow, thinking of how to enter. The doors are locked, an so are the windows. The chemney is too high. I get up and bang on the door, shouting angrily. On the other(more)
I can't even find him. I have 3 hours left, and he's still hidden. I knew I shouldn't have accepted this contract.

But, hey, what stupidities can an individual do for money?

Plus it's not even a luxury to do this: if I could, I'd be watching(more)
In this moment, right now, what's time? Time's nothing. There's the past, the present, and the future. I can't be more precise than that. I could, but it'd be useless. There's no clock here anyway.

At first, it was confusing. Is it 1pm or 2pm? Will it become(more)
Draw your life.

Here was the objective of our homework. Seems simple, doesn't it? Well it's not. I mean, it's easy to remember events, but there are so many, I can't choose. Plus, at 21 years old, my life isn't even decided yet. I'm just starting to live!(more)
We were walking next to the cliff on a sunny and bright day. The forest on the other side of the cliff was dark, uninviting, full of evergreens. On our side though, the plain was invinting, bright green, full of flowers. We could see the first buildings of the(more)
"I have to go!" He shouts.

"But you'll die!" I quickly answer.

"It's worth the risk." he looks at me seriously and get out of the trench.

All around our trench is only desolated plains. Lifeless bodies are laying in puddles of dark blood everywhere. The(more)
This roadtrip was nice, but we all wanted to add more "spice". Singing "I'M ON THE HIIIIIGHWAY TO HEEEELL!" in a westfalia, lost in the middle of Kansas, it wasn't enough anymore. We wanted more.

So when my friend saw the dirty, strange crooked road entering the dark(more)
He wished it, he got it. He's on a sunny, peaceful and quiet island, sitting in the soft golden sand, in front of the deep blue pacific, on which we could see the reflection of the bright sun. But more precisely, he was alone. He never thought it could(more)
"I'm a material girl in a material word"

Didn't Madonna say that? Anyways, I wrote this for another reason. This sentence is TRUE. at a 100%. We are so surrounded by material that we are becoming material, living for material, should I say. And  so is the world around(more)