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"Love isn't free," said Father, pointing as he always did: directly at the face, accusatory. "You can't just give it away and give it away and give it away and get nothing in return."

This had worked when she was a child. This had worked when she was(more)
Adam wasn't doing anything in particular when the extraterrestrial life-forms found him. He would tell his disbelieving family, in fact, that he was watching the movement of sludge in the canal as he walked from the bus stop.
The bell rang and he heard it. The bell made him think of a moment before this moment when he was a he. He had heard bells ring -- bells signifying events, things happening. He had a memory of expectant faces. He had a memory of important people. And(more)
"Don't eat this honey," the elders had said, in one of their lessons. "It is blood honey."
Thinking of it took him back to the clearing where he had sat with the other children in silence. In Winter part of their lesson was to ignore the cold.
He was(more)
Sam dribbled on his mattress and cavorted with the images in his mind.
Sometimes people would hold his hand and take him somewhere. It might be that he was cleaned in a shower or a bath, and regardless of how cold the water was he would not shiver. It(more)
"Life is so inconsequential," said Ted, seething with unhappiness in the middle of his inherited comfort. "I literally have nothing to do which means anything."

He said this to himself, mainly. On his way to the gym he would practice feeling inconsequential until he saw his trainer, who(more)
"You know," said Tim, screwing up his face with thought. "Things like buffalo wings. Like... all the flavours of ice-cream you can imagine."
Charlotte scuffed her heels on the brick wall that they were leaning against. The silence before she spoke was already thick with sarcasm. "Buffalo wings?"
Searching #lovingyou

@Benwozhere: "not telling you off when you where my shirts ROFL"

@Crankyoldman: "putting up with you for 60 years. It's been hard at times, honey."

@Sebastiananana: "its not rape its love when you say thank you after sexxxx LOL"

@UR-X-boyfrend: "i kno ur(more)
"What is this bullshit?" asked the presenter, indicating the panoply of recording hardware around him.

The camerawoman took this stoically. She blew a bubble with her gum.
Nobody was listening to the old drunk at this point, and he was addressing his spilt beer anyway. Nobody but me, at least, and I was feeling empty and -- besides -- misery loves company.

"There's only one thing I own," he said, "and no-one can take it(more)
"You are just as sure as I that there is life after death," she said, smiling, even though we she was dying in her apostle's arms. "And I know that you would follow me anywhere."

Matthew also knew that he would remember this moment for the rest of(more)
"You can't touch me," he said, "I'm untouchable."

And it was true. He was as immense as the horizon behind him, acres and acres of pristine blue. But I still didn't give a shit.
She knew that somewhere in front of her, in the blackness which shoved itself into her face like a sneering teacher, was a loved one. She knew this because who else would be picked to test her, to force her into madness?
Amongst the hundreds of thronging voices there was still a clear command. This, above anything else, warned of the single-mindedness of the group.
"Go on," they said, "be pompous."
Demands had only ever been made of him quietly, almost implicitly, so this was the loudest one that he had(more)
She was aware of her celebrity: even though her altered endocrine system made her more a creature of instinct, and despite her environment being for her safety and health rather than intellectual self-betterment, and regardless of the fact that she had never left this room.
She knew that, behind(more)