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Every day the tributes last is another day of hope.  Mags won't pin any stars on their backs so grand as to expect them to be the ones that change things, but just for them to (one of them, only one of them) to live...  Each time District Four manages that,(more)
"Oh," the young lady passenger-of-the-day exclaimed, running her gloved hand along the railing, "It's not just beautiful, it runs like a dream!  So quiet!  So smooth!"

The Conductor allowed himself a small, tight smile.  He preferred not to make smalltalk with passengers (that he even(more)
What's left of the vessel is probably worth more as scrap now than the time and effort it would take them to put it back together.  And then it occurs to him that's sort of a funny thing to be thinking because the shape he's in must be just about(more)
I awoke in a dark basement, having apparently made not just one, but an entire laundry list of poor decisions the evening before.  I appraised my situation, taking stock of my condition, starting with the most salient points (the dull ache in my temples that might be as much hangover(more)
What's a private eye without a personal nemesis?  Even with the kidnapped girl limp in his arms (passed out, not dead, I hoped because if all hope of rescue was out of reach, well, there went my reputation) he brought a smile to my face.  The gun was already in my(more)
"M-made a mistake, huh?" Niko swirled the dregs of his coffee around the bottom of the borrowed mug.

"What was that?" Ari looked up from his piece of buttered toast, all wide eyes and innocence.
"By feel or by recipe?" Ari inquired.  He didn't know much about this so-called "alchemy," but it seemed more polite to say something than stand by silently.

"Something as esoteric as this?" Fritz turned to face him and by the jaunty tilt of his goggles was probably raising an(more)
"You're Siroma?" John inaugurated the deluge of curiosity that was to be expected whenever a new member was inducted into their small and secretive group.

"I," Niko gasped, ready to start fumbling with words, "I don't- I don't know that."

"He's an orphan," Ben was quick to(more)
"Hey, John," Auburn stopped his father's assistant (currently babysitting) by pulling on the sleeve of his jacket.  "You have a pictures of people at your house that look like that."

"Like what?" (more)
According to the clock above the train station timetables across the street it was two fifteen in the morning and Lily Chatheim was only beginning to feel tired as the excitement of her evening wore away.  At least she didn't regret any of the things she had chosen to do.  ...Not(more)
"So, Governor Veronesi, about the nationwide bar on the sale of alcohol..."

"It was hardly my law," the governor sighed.  He hadn't voted for the thing.  Any support for it he had ever professed was purely a matter of fiction for the sake of getting on better with his conservative,(more)
His daughter had left the party before the president of the Trans-National Railroad received word that she had arrived.

This didn't mean that her departure had come fast.
The servants weren't there to fly the ship.  The Conductor practically did that by himself.  The only other member of the crew involved was the metal man.  With a flick of his hands, the Conductor caused his craft to rise and fall, flit forward or linger over a particular location. (more)
Sometimes, even though he was loathe to admit it, Matyas was forced to acknowledge there was something in James that frightened him.

They would be sitting together in the cramped living room area of the apartment, casually involved in their separate pursuits, and Matyas would glance over when(more)
1) Coffee

"Did you sleep at all last night?"

"I think a better question would be- did I want to sleep at all last night?" James grinned and raised his mug like a gleaming trophy.

"Ugh, fine," Matyas rolled his eyes and dropped down into his(more)