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Steam spray wizards
She came flying in like a bat out of hell with the roar of thousand thunderous earthquakes deafening all who stood before her in battle. Paragon of hope, she began to slash and shatter the endless army that dared to test her steel in combat. The dark panorama was(more)
They Globlians of the Concordia system collectively raced by the first buoy of the interstellar zero-g furlong dash. Wiggle by squiggle they gyrated side to side attempting to attain propulsion against the translucent syrupy atmosphere that was regulated down to the very last cubic centimeter. The champion of Bulbon(more)
In that instant Jonny knew he wouldn't make it. He wouldn't breath air or see his family or even cry again. Jonny didn't care, for he knew that if he spent a second more thinking, he would never reach the lever in time to deactivate the emergency lock on(more)