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Hmmm. What coulda been...

I use to run for fun.

I only wish I could still.
In this strange senseless darkness there is a small light.

Like a light under in a closed door's frame in a scary dark room, there it is for me.
He was laying there with his left arm over his head and the right arm over his chest. A flattened palm covering his heart. Body language is everything, he thought, as he recognized where his hand was resting. Cuddling the broken organ inside his chest.
There you two are in the distance. You both are my dull glimmers of hope. So very far away from safety, my girl and her child. I have tried to rescue you. But now... it is between you and God.

My silence is a screaming, "Come Home! Come(more)
Growing up with four brothers - I never got along well with other females. Not that I was a tom-boy completely. More so then not. But it wasn't just that. I knew other tom-boyish girls. We just didn't click. Because conversations - even with my lizard catching, b.b gun(more)
I am not competitive. It is not my nature.

I am proud to tell you, I was thrown off Cross Country Track Team for helping a member of the opposing team cross the finish line. My coach actually laughed as he saw me walk-trotting to the finish line.(more)
Room 2225 was a special room of sorts. This room was exactly fifteen steps (I know. I counted.) from the double doors of the Critical Care Unit in this particular hospital.

As I entered, I walked 2.5 steps to my sitting friend. I leaned down and gave her (more)
It's an urge to go there. I want to be close to you.
So... I linger before "you".
I have to do it. It's an itch. I must scratch. It's unconscious and deliberate.
I sit cross legged
grab each one (more)
I see you in a room with several people. A look of anger on your face. But I know the anger directed outward. It is not even anger. It is intense focus. Focus on ignoring the adrenals that scream to your legs, "RUN!" Even though there is no dange(more)
"You're dead to me."

Your words stabbed through me.

Your swearing and hate screaming loudly in my ear.
My towels are stained from her mania.

Whether it be her blood from cutting or paint from splattering.

I dry my body off with them. (more)
I keep it to myself. Making the pretense of anger, as opposed to worry. I pretend to not have a care in the world. I walk around laughing about the ridiculousness of it all.
"How silly!" I'll exclaim.
"How stupid!" I'll interject. (more)
I remember the day that you left. Do you?

You came to me while I was folding the cloths. You walked straight up to me. You were wearing your black slip. I remember thinking how beautiful you were. I remember smiling. I remember wondering why you were up(more)
Dear Reader,

I am writing to ask if you have seen the girl I love. She left home years ago. She left her sanity here and I am sure she is missing it. She sometimes wears a funny hat. She has sad hazel eyes. Her smile is a(more)
Where there once was a person, there is a hole. The space she had filled is empty. The energy she had exerted has ceased to exist. That uniqueness of her individuality is nothingness. Her heart has finished, her breath halted. Her thinking, feelings - swept away into the memory(more)