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Some where in the field over there is a twenty dollar bill.

A bill that has been buried for forty years. Buried in the dusty dirt in the field on the corner of Rio Linda Boulevard and M street.

Directly across from Archway Frosty is a fie(more)
Here it is again!  

You are always the one that seems to bring it to me. Always you. Only you.

Unknowingly, I granted you power. (more)
I surely didn't think THIS would be me.

I never thought that at this age I would get this sick.

I watch as my muscles waste away from inactivity. I watch my face become older than it's years.

I watch other women my age jog passe(more)
In English Composition, we were given an assignment to write about our family and how we saw them. This was many (I won't tell how many) years ago.

I decided to do it in a style of Dian Fossey - watching from a distance my "family group". (more)
I stood at the window. The wind blowing the trees frantic. I watched rain bead and slide down the window glass, as I sipped my morning cup of awful coffee. The rain made deep puddles in my dead potted plant. Poor thing. It drowned more than likely.  
My son says, "You don't write fiction anymore. You are just blogging now, Mom."

I know this! That is because that part of my brain has died. I.E - imagination zone = done dead.
Under the darkening night sky within small medium and large flimsy dwellings that are buzzing with artificial lights

Hanging onto the false sense of security that lingers in snug familiar family units before the day dawns

Inaudible speech of man woman and child - laughter or cryin(more)
If you were waiting behind me in the check out line - watching me try to pay the cashier - struggling to count out my change or remember my p.i.n - maybe you would think I was just another stupid woman?

Maybe you would get frustrated and loudl(more)
"What is this?" His forehead furrowed. "For crying out loud!" He loudly grumbled.

"Dad, this is a phone." She took it from his hand. "See here? This is how you dial." She swiped the green phone i-con. "See? Swipe this little camera here," She gently swiped the little(more)
Her mouth was agape. Her hair, thin and limp. I could see her scalp through insubstantial strands.

Morphine was being given in short intervals. No more than the full vial and every thirty minutes - if needed.

After thirty minutes - if her mom made a soun(more)
I was five years old. It was summer break and I had recently graduated kindergarten.  

I lived next door to Lynette. Girly girl genius. UGH!

Lynette wanted to play with dolls and I wanted to go catch lizards. We didn't get along.  

That summer my mothe(more)
In walks this handsome man. His narrow brown eyes scan the room when he enters, as if looking for wild animals hiding in corner. He will do his best not to make eye contact with anyone in the area. He had to muster up boldness to be here. His(more)
I can't stop them.

They go round and round and round.

They become an intelligent being with no purpose of function. A jumble mess of soundless wonder brings to life a crazy entity with gripping tangling tentacle. Wild and monstrous, scratching and clawing at every little thi(more)
  The large framed thick lenses of his glasses magnify the sorrow. His eyes screaming - "Come in! See how much I hate being here!"

   Three to five days in ICU, they promised, two to three in POC. You will be released to recover for eight weeks a(more)
I went to a psychologist once. My general practioner sent me. I had bruises on my legs. I tried to tell him that it is because they itch and I don't want to scratch so I rub and rub on them. Then the conversation took a strange turn. (more)