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Julie could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She had wanted to admit her feelings to John for so long, but she just hadn't been able to do it. She had tried, surely, but every time she had approached him she just couldn't make herself speak.
Everyone around me keeps telling me how lucky I am, for one reason or another. Lately it's been about how I get to live in a brand new wonderland. Everyone's jealous of all the cool things I get to do, and everything that's available to me.
For as long as I could remember, my aunt's house had this hourglass in the back room that was always running. It was massive, almost as tall as the room was, and the connection between the two containers was made very tight. Only a few grains of sand could(more)
"Follow me."

"But Stan," she complained, "where are we going? You haven't told me anything about what's going on."

"Just follow me, Diana, I promise it will be worth it."

Diana sighed and let Stan drag her along. As far as she knew, there wasn't anything(more)
I've been waiting for inspiration to come to me. Thing is, it doesn't happen very often. I love to write, and it's been so long since I've done that, like really done that, sometimes it feels like I've forgotten how. And writing is a part of me. One of(more)
They always said he was gifted. That he was above the others, had something deep down inside him that made him that way. They just had to find some way to bring it out of him. Then he would wow the world with his brilliance.
I'd walked through that door a hundred times. I knew what would be inside. I even vaguely knew who would be. But I hadn't expected that girl to be there.

Hadn't expected her to be who she was.
Alice was struck first by the music that was playing as she entered the restaurant. It was a simple, classically played guitar, acoustic by its tone. It sounded live, but she couldn't see the player anywhere.

It was a small place, family owned, but it had a ver(more)
"Jake, it's now or never!"

Jake looked around at his friends. They were all starting to lose the beat. Everythig was going out of control. The opposing band, The Necromancers, were dominating their music, and they were surrounded. It wouldn't be long before their music was ended. (more)
I don't understand people who don't believe in happy endings. I understand that bad things happen. Believe me, I do. I've been there. Had my heart crushed, world torn down and turned inside out. Hell, for a long time, I had really intense suicidal tendencies. And if I'm being(more)
What use had he for two sets of keys? The first for himself, surely, this much was clear. But what of the second? To his parents, it might be suggested, but he would rather not. His mother would clean and reorganize while he was away, and never again would(more)
We're all afraid to admit that we have to take some kind of prescription. We don't want to admit our dependence on something because we don't want people to see our weaknesses. No one wants to be looked down upon.

But I'm not afraid. I know I'm weak(more)
I was confused for a long time. Everything had changed very suddenly, and evidence pointed to that not changing any time soon. If anything, it was just going to continue changing. I didn't know what to do anymore - barely even knew who I was anymore. I was waiting(more)
Kid always wanted to be the knight in shining armor. Went so far as to actually go out and buy the suit. Armor, sword, shield. Got himself the whole package. Spent an hour every night, keepin' it nice and shiny.

Then the Calamity struck. (more)
In her eyes I am amazing. I am peace, I am safety, I am warm. When she looks at me, she sees a man worth loving, a man of her dreams.

In my eyes I am disgusting. I am anger, I am danger, I am cold. When I(more)