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Photo on 2011-11-10 at 01
It came and went
But left me with so many questions
That have yet to be answered.
Such is its nature.
And only time can tell.
As humans
We all have these urges
In the back of our mind
Sometimes, we don't even know about them
Until they are presented an opportunity
They pick up that ball, and run (more)
The bad apple
And I'll be damned
If I'm forever recognized as such.
But in the end
Whose fault is it, really?
You never gave me a chance to grow (more)
My old soul struggles to maintain itself
Behind another cloud of smoke
Around and around
It drives on
I'll be John and you can be Yoko (more)
Where do we go when the well runs dry?
And the words run out?
Within my own brain
Rest assured
We are one and the same, each day (more)
Give it up and give it all you've got
And make yourself known
This is your declaration to the world
That you are who you appear to be
All you've got
Until your time is up (more)
The day begins at dawn
This which has made us what (who) we are
For generations
It makes us, breaks us
As we in turn break the earth
Into which we sow our seeds (more)
It's hard not being cliche
About this, about face
And as you wander, I wonder
Anything but.
More like one in a million.
It can take its toll on a man
He who chooses to fill his days
With fresh air and sunshine
Beating down from lightyears away
To one day burn us all
Heating the planet (more)
As my senses surrender
To the feeling washing over me
I go blind
Giving way to the demons
Which drag me down
The dreaded road to regret and regression (more)
This is the stress we live with every day of our lives. Focusing an absurd amount of energy into the area of self-improvement. The ultimate goal of bettering ourselves in many ways, in order to attain personal goals, achieve recognition among peers, or even realize self-worth.
However, in(more)
I'd like to just sit silent
For a year
And observe the world around me for a change
Instead of barreling through
Eyes forward
Take the blinders off (more)
I ought to send one,
One of these days
Because, naturally
I feel that letters can express far more than my words can
More than this. (more)
Let me tell you something about us, my dear
Something your superiors failed to let you know.
Admittedly, we are clueless
Not all of us, to be fair
But the vast majority, yes.
Lost, without a map (more)
I'm stockpiling them
Everything I can collect
Until the day
That you decide to hear me out
And I can knock you right over
With the sheer force (more)