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He took it upon himself to volunteer for a chance to get closer to the landowner's daughter. The problem with that was, Joe had never done an honest day's work in his life, and that's what was called for.

"You get that barn up before the others," Mr.(more)
Crows flew from the drain as Casey strode nearer to it. She heard the mewling cries of something below the grating as she jogged past and decided it was odd enough to investigate. Casey was permanently curious.  
Two men were on a stretch of gull-haunted beach and only these two men. One was walking along it and then became very concerned for the other man who was laying half in the surf. The walking man thought he was having a heart-attack.
pour me anything, so long as it's an ale. Delerium tremens doesn't shake me, nor will the cotton mouth come morning dry my thirst. Warm glass please, none of that lime-requiring mexican style pilsner. Aged in bourbon casks, scotch notes lingering. It'll all fade into the alcohol slur of(more)
"I got up, face leaking onto my dingy shirt, and lumbered to the desk holding my typewriter. I tried banging out a few sentences, but to no avail. I re-wrote the same paragraph twice before deciding that it was useless and so was I in this condition. I rid(more)
"I'm just one man," Brody Bray began, "But I am more than enough nightmare for you."

The truck listed sideways as it waded into Lake Pontchartrain.
Brody's captive whimpered more curses into the floorboards.

"I really hope you know how to swim, fat man."

The f(more)
This tent, buffeted by stout winds cannot wrest me from my relaxation. It could change to a downpour and hail next and I'd be fine. I tell you but it doesn't help ease your fears of becoming the first humans to achieve flight via tent.
"You should read more," the dentist offered immediately after firing me for not getting him onto the front page of the WSJ, "that's how writers get good."
Well, thank you for introducing me to The Legend of Writ, but I've gotten a handle on this newfangled "communication" whatsit. I(more)
The men were taken for ignorant saps and the women were heaped with as much sympathy as the propaganda machine could heap. All of this so that we could take what they have in the name of charity. We didn't know that the "savages" were onto us.
The leaves have grown, begun to brown in this yellow heat from asphalt and concrete. Surprising that a magnolia can survive in Atlanta. I am glad for it, though. Its iota of redolence sweeps by me every so often in between the heckling of what is left over of(more)
An evening stroll takes me by the hole-in-the-wall bar on the corner. I pass sucking on a cigarette I haven't yet lit. This evening is surprisingly cool. I find myself putting my hands in my short pockets.

All the way to the park and back is three miles(more)
Hoping that I would still have sway over you. Even just a fragment. Maybe you could meet me down here where slurried tides have carried me under no weight other than my own useless curiosity. Maybe you could meet me down here in the unknowable black crush of the(more)
She weighed as much as a photo of herself. The days came and went as her ribs slowly escaped. Her mother and father would spend long silent hours in the living room collecting glares from their daughter.

She drank when she was thirsty and ate a handful o(more)
Thrumming through the underbrush, drumming up some gushed blood from one or three gashed and garish toes.

The thunderous ineloquence of hordes of bleach white pelicans gave no favor for his dying throes.
The screws came undone, the metal shrieked as immense beams plummeted down. From the black depths below, a slow clatter of rock and steel came ringing up through the chasm.

Half of my mind reeled in terror, the other accepted the inevitable. I should have made my mind(more)