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Brain undergoing tempestuous peril
Chest rising and falling in monstrous waves
Lungs trying to keep pace with the out-pour of letters onto paper
The pen scribbling madly, furiously
The hand cramping and shaking, smudged with ink (more)
Every time I see your face I feel as if I could write a book on you. Your mannerisms, the comforting lilt of your voice, your eyes. God, those eyes.
Here is a little reminder just to say
That you are more than your corporeal self
You are made of stardust and oceans and lightning
One day your bones and flesh will be nothing but
Grass and trees and flowers
And when this world is gone you will onc(more)
Secrets hidden up your sleeves
But this is anything but magic
Killing the pain with stitches and gauze
Whispering to your reflection that it's under control
While you put on a show for the whole world to see
But, darling, let me tell you that you are not Houdini(more)
he sits in his wheelchair
in a small, cluttered apartment
with Marilyn and a velvet Elvis adorning the walls
the smell of cat lingering in the air
eating raw pre-packaged cookie dough with a spoon
every night we hear him through the walls (more)
I almost wish I could blame you, but I am the one who destroyed myself.