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With planks of bleached bones and silent sails of flayed flesh the mistress of maritime misfortune stalks the sordid seas.
When the ocean awakens and wandering waves and worrisome winds batter your vessel; it is not only sharks that circle your belabored boat.
To those flung overboard the capsizin(more)
You had me breathless from the beginning. The way your deep blue eye's pierced into the depths of my very being sent a chill down my spine the moment I saw your face. You saw me for who I was the instant we locked eyes. You were the one.(more)
Every summer I've lived at home has been distinctly marked by what we called pickin' season. The blackberries fill the woodlands, the fruit trees are bearing, and the garden is teeming with perfectly crisp and fresh veggies.
You don't check the fridge, you go outside. (more)
It wasn't until we parted ways that the pain set in. The oppressive silence of solitude deafened me as I was left alone with only my cruel, unreserved thoughts to keep me company.
The instinctive desire to mate screaming at me that my lonesomeness is the result of my(more)
When you hear faith most people will immediately attribute it to religious belief. Faith in one's god and the promise of an afterlife have lead to atrocities all across the globe in the name of an ideology held together by faith.
But the idea of faith is so much(more)
I beg you, nay, implore you, READ THIS PLEASE!


Thank you for your time.
I have no idea how to write about this trigger. I guess the better idea would be to write nothing at all. . . wait a minute.
Never say never if you think yourself clever.
If you apply the right lever, never turns to forever.
Let your breathe lead your motions as you preform the cycles between life and death.
Take a deep inhale as you crack your eyelids at the start of a new day. Exhale as you feel the airy weightlessness of your dreams abandon you and the stiff rigor of lif(more)
Little rubber bits get the little ones. The little ones get the big ones. Its the blood they like, they smell it. Some say cut bait is cheating, I say that this is a damn fine trout.
You do something bad, you lose a season. Do it again, you miss a birthday. Do it again, you miss her teens. Do it again, she loses her father. Do it again, you don't even care.
I was late on my date to meet Kate.
Kate did not want to just wait.
No, she said fuck you I've got Nate.
So now I just sit here and bate.

Fuck you Nate.
Every time we do something bad it's always the last time, and for a while, it truly is. Then our tantalizing frontal lobe begins whispering sweet nothings to us. "It's not so bad." "Everyone else does it." "It's not like you're dumb enough to get caught." And lo' and(more)
What makes us who we are? What defines us?
Is it our jobs? The meaningful contributions we make towards the betterment of mankind as a whole. From garbage man to doctor, we all contribute in some way to the global machinery that works to sustain us all.
Or i(more)
We've never been there before. It's never been seen! What awaits us beyond that far horizon? Is it vast treasure beyond our wildest dreams? Is it a land of plenty wherein all is lush, beautiful, and free? Or is our optimism for naught?
It is entirely possible that what(more)