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So we pull up to the valet parking in front of the hospital. The booth is empty. We pull away and try to find a handicap parking spot, but there are none available. We drive back to valet parking and there still is no one there. I tell Betty(more)
     This all started because my therapist told me that he didn't think that depression was my problem, but that the depression was a symptom of repressed rage.  
     "What should I do with the anger?" I asked.
     "Have you tried yoga?" (more)
Theres a way of mine
under flowing water sin
stretched trim abdomen
the surreal of the sun  
and the sum and the sum
often theres none   (more)
I forgot the guys name but I read about him and he seems to  live his life to his version of the fullest.  I have mixed thoughts about him, inspired but wary.  Has ideas.  Makes money dates travels has tons of doting friends and even fans and has not a care, it seems.  Is(more)
The word shimmer reminds me of summer in dazzling sun light.  Of many small waves shimmering on a sunlit lake and the scales of a fish breaking the surface of the water to grab a hovering fly with shimmering wings playfully dipping its chitin toes.  The shimmer of water reflected on(more)
    A dive bar called the Spruce stood in a dirt lot off the main artery through the rural town I lived in.  Although the place was only a a few minutes from my house, I didn't visit often.  But on one unfulfilling night I didn't feel like going home just yet,(more)
A Freewriting Experiment.

Rain in the plain spain not again pain with no gain just again and again raining pouring snoring the shake of a dog small drops an atomizer it's sqeezed bulbs.  A puddle with widening rings next and near each other wind your way through them and(more)
     California was a bad fit.  Coming from the clear deliniation of seasons in New York, the undistinguished seasons of Southern California made me feel stuck in time.  For example, summer in the northeast is a celebration. There is an explosion of life, of green plants and wildlife(more)
     Closer Than I Thought
     My days of living on the lake are long past but it is still a part of me.   It resides in my subconscious and comes to me in dreams as a representation of it.  In one, I am adrift and alone in a flimsy(more)
     The lake changed as the years went by, as more houses were built, and the phosphates built up, causing the lake to explode with plant life that made it soupy with algae.  In the early years it was safe enough to drive a truck across the ice in a(more)
     When you said home it brought memories of the lake.

     Lake Oscawanna was named by the American Indians, and translated, means the Lake of Eight Echoes.   I never could count eight, but a shout from its shore would bounce between the hills the lake is nestl(more)
     Some of us write from a deep personal place.  Our creativity flows from our experiences whether pleasurable or painful.  And we disturb the surface of that pool and churn it and drudge it up and feel it all over again in order to get something worthwhile to string itself out(more)
     "Cranos 3, you are clear to dock at 55 Tango...Welcome to Athena."
     Jack set the auto pilot for dock 55T and sat back in the captain's chair.  He gazed upon the sights of the bustling city laid out beneath him.
     "It's good to be home(more)
    Half-Orc  brothers sit by a night camp fire, grim glowing faces, *shing* of sword stone sharpening.  Hunched tired, staring into orange flames, brrr of crickets.  The night cool on their backs, one star.  Horizon darkened by war.  The elder sees the (more)
There will be no please today, nor begging,
No asking, nor pleading.  
There will be no terror,
it has all turned to anger.  

You've taught me a great unfortunate truth, (more)