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The tea was as cold as that rainy winter morning. Daniel sat at the table, sipping the cup as he read the newspaper. The house was completely silent, save for the water drops that fell outside. His wife had already taken the children to school, and she would only(more)
I am alone in this world. Alone within myself, with my thoughts. I have no voice and rarely speak. My mind does all the communication, although it cannot be heard. It's a quiet sound, desperately wanting to be heard by others, although she tells me that she doesn't mind(more)
I cupped my hands together and scooped the water. I couldn't remember the last time I had felt that precious liquid enter my mouth and going down my throat. Its freshness calmed my troubled mind and I drank a bit more.
"Marc, are you there?"

"Ouch! Stop stepping on me, June!"

"Oops, sorry... This place is so fucking dark!"
Lilith only knew the world inside the gate. Inside the gate were her family, friends and the guards who were mean to everyone, even though no one was bad. She had been there for as long as she could remember and couldn't say she was severely unhappy. She had(more)
Allison heard her phone ring in the hallway. It was four in the morning and, naturally, was annoyed by it. She decided to just let it ring, but then noticed something: her husband, Jack, hadn't come home that night. "Maybe it's him?" She thought as she slipped from the(more)
The counter was almost reaching zero and, when it did, the world below would end. J'uhne Klarpott was looking down at her home planet, Eclopstia, no longer fighting her tears. She could only think of her people, living their lives without knowing what was about to happen. They thought(more)
Tom liked the mini golf. It was always empty and quiet, especially in the evening. It was a place where he could go to escape the mayhem from his life, while taking a shot on the various courses.

He remembered how he would go there with his parent(more)
The storm outside the house was violent and the rain seemed to threaten the street with a flood. Sally was in her living room, sipping on her tea mug and enjoying the heat coming from her rattling fireplace. She yawned, realizing that she would have to go to bed(more)
He looked at his victim from beyond the shadows, delighted. He hadn't drunk blood in various days and was starving, so obviously he was happy when that beautiful woman walked in front of him, presumably on her way home.
Through the crack I can see everything: the street, the people and animals passing by, the sky.

Through the crack I can also feel the wind, hot or cold, strong or weak. Once, snow entered the crack and I touched it.

Through the crack I can smel(more)
"Shall we start our session?" The woman asked to the people sitting around the round table. It was a small group of five people, including the old medium. They had all been gathered by one of the people of the group, Helen, who wanted to talk to her recently(more)
They always expect a lot from me. They expect good grades, a good career, a girlfriend that they consider respectable... The problem is that the only thing that they should expect is my happiness and, most of the times, it seems they couldn't care less.
I love a girl,(more)
The hound looked at Philip with its vicious eyes wide open and showing its bloody teeth. Behind it lied the ravaged body of a stranger. Philip was dessert.
Around him, there were only walls. Not even a door was there and he didn't remember how he got there, why(more)
People say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. In my case that's not applicable because I don't have grass on my side.
My version of the saying is "the bricks are always greyer on on the sidewalk."