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The princess of Saturn was beautiful, but beneath the beauty there was something sinister. Alma couldn't put her finger on it, but the girl frightened her as much as she fascinated her. She was like a thunderstorm: dangerous, but gorgeous. And Alma couldn't take her eyes away.

Royce Larchlea had been the first lover Lucy Song had ever had. Maybe he was all wrong for her. Maybe he had been too old, ten years her senior. Maybe he had been beneath her, been pathetic - hell, there was no "maybe" about that. Lucy knew it. He(more)
The Saturnian dignitary thought that he was the spy. Dressed in civilian clothes, in just another ordinary Jupit bar, pretending to be just another hopeless dude drowning in the bottle and looking for fast women, but actually listening in on the conversations of the Jupit top brass, planning their(more)
Dear Sara,

It is at least 100 degrees in Baltimore today.  I feel like I could boil every time I leave the apartment. Good thing this place blasts the A/C, though often that has the reverse effect: it feels like an icebox in here. Where is the middle ground?(more)
"So this is our first date," Saraswathi said as she followed the two boys to the edge of the sprawling city of Lightning Falls. One of Jupiter's biggest metropolises, it would be a challenge for the trio to take. Even Sara knew the boys hadn't taken anything this big(more)
At the same bar, someone else was watching the room. She had eyes just as green, and hair just as blonde, as the woman Leonard was trying to impersonate. But she wasn't that woman.

No, Mireille Yeuxverts was like no one else among the Jovian moons.

Tommy sat down at the table, where his brother was glaring at him.
"How did you know..." he hissed through pearly white teeth that certainly weren't his.
"Command Slee'nyarin's eyes are hazel. Yours are green."
"Like anyone could know the difference," Leonard huffed.
"Oh, I think that's a difference(more)
Tommy sat alone in the posh Ganymedan café, pretending to be immersed in his newspaper, so as not to arouse suspicion. But naturally, he wasn't really that interested in the headlines of another world (even if, predictably, they were about Firefingers and her boyfriends leveling yet another Jupit city.(more)
Henry walked far ahead of the group, with a certain self-assuredness, like someone who had the whole world in his palms. Like someone who could take it all out with a clap of his hands. Saraswathi knew the feeling...knew it, far, far too well.
But he didn't seem that(more)
"What the fuck was that there?" Emily rounded on Sara, her eyes wild. Almost as wild as the boy's had been, when the flames flared into existence, and his agonized scream tore through the crisp nighttime air.
"I have no idea, honestly," Sara said, steeling her face. She usually(more)
Tommy wasn't sure what was going on, half the time, with Saraswathi. He'd never had sex like this before. Never with someone so passionate, so wild. It was clumsy, it was ridiculous, but Jesus Christ, it was ALIVE. Never had he been with a girl who seemed to enjoy(more)
Louis knew that he'd broken a promise to himself. He'd always told himself that he would escape the dull suburban town of his birth, of White Pine, Michigan. It was the sort of place that was a dead-end for all sorts of dreams and hopes that anything other than(more)
Mars was a strange planet. Red, very red. Dusty, very, very dusty. Barren as every other planet that wasn't Earth, or at least it seemed that way to the untrained Earthling eye - and yet, pulsing with a strange, violent, bloody sort of life. It was everything they'd been(more)
They had all their little things that reminded them of Earth, that helped them keep a sense of who they were or, rather, who they used to be. Who they still were to some extent, though. They were all determined to keep some semblance of their humanity, no matter(more)
"This feeling of fakin' it, I still haven't shaken it"  

Kristina had been a classic rock fan as long as she could remember. She would listen to The Beatles and The Beach Boys on car rides with her dad when she was little, whether he was taking he(more)