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Neglect, noun. The state or fact of being uncared for. Disrepair, dilapidation, abandonment.

The moment I realized I had been abandoned was fifteen minutes after I couldn't find your name anymore. I clicked through page after page, looking for your profile among my friends. I searched through m(more)
I've never once been totally obsessed with something. A man of many hats. A jack of all trades but master of none. Fickle. I flicker my interests, moving from one project to the next with relative ease. My topics of conversation are fluid, running through the minutes like a(more)
My goal was to fill the world with hope, but to do that I absorbed all the fears and doubts of everyone I love. I gave them my hope. I hope they got better. I hope they found beauty in this world filled with splendor. I wanted them to(more)
There was something missing, though I couldn't say what. I was aware, when something needed to be done. But I couldn't make my body move until there was nothing left to do. Waif-like, I wondered through the house at all hours of the night, with no particular goal and(more)
In the news today, a woman testified in court. She spoke about her abuse at the hands of a man. It is the same news as yesterday, and the day before. It was heard a month, two, five months ago.

In the news tomorrow, people threaten her. Peopl(more)
There's a poster hanging up on the wall, where water drops down from some unseen height into a pool of some unidentifiable body of water, creating ripples. It is meant to be inspirational. Some crap about how one dribble of water can cause ripples, can make waves. As if(more)
I should join in the celebration, in the fun, the laughter. After all, there is plenty to be proud of, to be glad of.

I should join in the games and the witty banter, take a moment to breathe in the excited atmosphere and accomplishments.

But there(more)
You already knew what you were going to do before you started it. If I asked anyone "What is she going to do about this?" they would all have the same answer. It is the same response you have every time. And yet when I asked you about it,(more)
It happens after you realize that you were not enough, have never been enough, and will likely never be enough. It is who you are. Not enough. Not enough to be supportive, though you pour your time and energies into always being there. Not enough to be kind, though(more)
I listened to the man on the other side of the bus telling his new found stranger-friend that he knew what it was like to look at the darkness inside and feel so utterly alone.

So do I, sir. So do I. (more)
I know it sounds cheesier than Cheetos, but the nights when we don't talk are the hardest. I've never been so in love with a headset as the day it brought your voice to me. There's something that just feels complete in hearing you say "goodnight" and "I love(more)
Gravel road through the country
covered in vernal revels.
The world woke to produce
petals from everywhere.
The whole damn forest burst
into bloom and poured (more)
In the darkness of my room last night, I stared unblinking at the too-bright light of my phone, burning images into my eyes. Using the ungodly hours as a tool to carve  the curve of your smile into my memory. I burned the slope of your nose into my mind,(more)
The insistent beeping echoed through the hallow halls, abandoned by people to the fate of time. It blared for a week, an obnoxious metronome perfectly synchronized with a tiny flashing red light, warning the empty building that there was a malfunction in the system.
I've never really found a way to replace you. And that bothers me. Because I've been replaced a hundred times by a hundred people and that's thousands of times people forgot that I was important and-

Was I ever important? I thought that was the way everyone worked(more)