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The church stood, like any other in this part of town, between a small park and two more square miles of suburban sprawl.  The interior gave no impression of extraordinariness, just the usual mass-produced stained-glass depicting the stations of the cross, the stale, pungent incense odor, and the waxy pews(more)
That's how I would describe her.
All smiles, concerned, giggles, carefully controlled facial contractions, even down to the crow's feet and the lower eyelid contractions.
Controlled. (more)
I just couldn't help myself.  The feeling of putting 71 grains of .32 caliber death into the paper encapsulation of my fears, frustrations, and fumbled fucks felt too good.  All thought of turning the antique Walther on myself melted away a bit with each squeeze of the time-worn trigger, the recoil(more)
"You know, a recess, niche, nook, cranny, secluded space.  Goddamn alcove.  Take her there."  The man was a merriam-webster.  

"I seriously doubt just the fact of being in a secluded area will cause this woman's loins to water."  I replied, my logic flawless and co(more)
"All ahead full, Mr. Smith."

"Aye, sir."

The Marconi rigged schooner pitched over another twenty foot swell.  Millions of gallons of frigid water churned below her pristine oaken hull as she charged through the squall around Cape Horn, where the Antarctic Current squeezed from the Pacific to the(more)
"I just don't want to feel like I'm taking advantage of you."  

Sure, we're both drunk, but that hadn't gotten in the way in the past with other women.  Why isn't it working?  Two weeks ago it was rock hard.  What's different?

Oh yeah.  That other lie I've(more)
"If it was good, tell no one.  If bad, tell everyone.  I don't want every woman in need of a good lay in the Bay knocking down my door."

That was what he said before he fell asleep at 4am.  I followed him soon after, but only from sheer exhaustion. Six(more)
Hit him square in the breastplate.  Full inch of kevlar around a curved ceramic skeleton.  Damn thing can stop an RPG.  Bastard got lucky on that particular occasion.  The round knocked the wind out of him.  Knocked him down, but he was still alive and well.  The (more)
The Emirates 707 landed in Tehran at 2:05pm.  The connection from Dubai was uneventful, and the complementary juice, labeled in Arabic, resembled the POG Harry enjoyed when he lived on Kauai with his brother.  Harry gave his curt invitation a once-over, and was greeted at the terminal by two guards in(more)
She must have eyes everywhere.  There's no way she doesn't.  Those people are all gossip and intrigue.  Why was she not invited?  Still better be on my best behavior.  A couple of her friends are here.  Well, I don't know if they are still friends.  Best(more)
The tube was extremely uncomfortable.  Not just in the physical sense that a 1-inch plastic cylinder was liberally lubricated then inserted into his trachea, but also for the dismissive manner in which the nurse answered Harry's question of what the tube was for.
"Just a standard intake procedure. (more)
I went ahead of the old man, my eyes and reflexes being far better.  Two kilometers into the journey we forded the bubbling creek sourced by the many natural springs that could be found as dark, damp patches of earth amidst the evergreens spaced equidistantly.  Once past the sound of the(more)
Benign.  Right.  That makes it sound like I have a happy little friend growing on my pancreas.  
Hey, little buddy, whatcha doin in there?  
Oh, you know, just inching menacingly close to plugging your bile ducts.  
How could that be benign?
I've written 74 drafts of this letter.  Took me only three days.  I am compelled to get the words right, otherwise she might get the wrong idea.  Feel bad about the waste of paper, but it's easier to express the ideas with a pen.  Coffee stains on a few of them.  Mainly the(more)
The entire substructure of her brain has been eaten away by the drugs she relies upon to keep her in a state of relative sanity.  Since she was 13, when that sweaty man at the lake imposed his will on her she has never been quite right up there.  She bears(more)