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2013-01-28 16
I take up space. Always finding a way to make the half-full glass completely occupied. No space for emptiness. No space for errors. My time is taken up by trying to take up the empty space, and the space in my mind completely filled by this attempt. I'm always(more)
Smoke wafting in the air.
Nothing, then grey.
Wisping into soft hues of every colour imaginable and yet intangible.
Unconstrained, unmoldable by hand. (more)
Momentum is everything. Like a pendulum, the chains crinkle as the child shifts her weight with each swing. The wind combs through her hair, just like her mother used to brush her hair before bed. The air cradled her like her father used to when he put her to(more)
Saucer eyes scan the twitching crowd. Despite the eerie silence that covered the town, the swarm tittered with mindless chatter. The crowd was starting to disperse, addictive substances numbing their senses.
He saw his own wide eyes staring back at him. His eyes, wide with adrenaline, contoured by th(more)
When she reaches an end point, she has to face the truth. She had been in self-denial for so long, sometimes she forget what in her life is true.
Her once shining armor has now rusted over, weighing her down more than ever. Every step she took was accompanie(more)
His hands yanked at her shoulder, and she struggled against his grasp. She pulled always and bounced against the brick wall behind her. His eyes screamed fury and a glint of satisfaction and she wobbled around dazed. The impact had slowed her down and she could not make a(more)
I was paralyzed. My eyes were shut tight, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't open them. The toes on my right foot felt ice cold, left out from the shelter of the warm blanket. The blanket, though providing warmth, suffocated me.
I could hear small giggle(more)
At one point, everyone gets that one single word that others define you with. Just one word that encompasses your entire existence. Mine had always been that fat kid.
Despite my many attempts to be defined differently, it stuck on. The puns available with my name didn't really hel(more)
Solid black lines were moving across the surface of the paper. There was a consistency with the movements, though the lines thickened and thinned down with each curve. Moe tried to read the writing once more, but the concept was beyond her reach. There it was, in her own(more)
The only thing she noticed was his smile. It was a rare event, only his family and herself had seen it before. Of course, there were different smiles: the mocking smile, the smirk, the fake smile. But nothing could compare to his genuine smile, reflecting happiness and, most of(more)
"There are monsters under the bed!"
"It's okay sweetie. They won't hurt you."
"Are you sure?"
"Of course. I'll tuck you in so they don't get to you."
"Is the blanket going to protect me?" (more)
The old woman sits there, her body unmoving. She's frozen despite the thick tweed cape that drapes her hunched shoulders and the dark brown gloves that coat her hands. Her body is shaking, unseeable by the passer-bys. Her hands shake as she scatters life onto the cement ground. The(more)
Yes. Yes sir. Yes m'am. Of course. Definitely.
Smile and nod.
Only once solidarity is confirmed, breathe.
Permanent crease between the brows.
Dull eyes.
Corners of the mouth pulled down, gravity optional. (more)
Yellow: bright and shining. The sturdy base and the pattern of the rectangles give stability. The once-rough texture of the sun-dried clay feels warm and comforting to the feet. The yellow brick road is supposed to lead me to my destination. And yet, the comfort of the familiarity hinders(more)