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Do you believe in a forever?
In things that never end?
In a fresh eternal future
Just around the next bend?

Do you believe in an end? (more)
Let's dig our toes in the sand
And talk about nothing
We'll play rock paper scissors
And you'll say that I'm cheating

I'll laugh and I'll deny it (more)
He smelled like the sun
That shined upon her face
A bright new beginning
The start of the race

He smelled like the roses (more)
I hurt a little less as time goes by
And now, I have to strain to cry
But don't think that I don't miss you, dear
I'll always love you, never fear

I miss the excitement I used to feel (more)
"Stop fussing, Talia."

"But what if they don't like me?"

"Of course they'll like you. They're my progenitors, after all. If I liked you, so will they."

"How can you be so sure, James?"

"Because I love you, and I know they're going to love(more)
"Dear Papa," the girl writes, keeping her hand steady as she writes with her favorite crayon. "Today Mommy and I saw a doggie in the park. He didn't have a collar so we decided to let him come home with us. You can see him when you get home(more)
"In the event of an emergency, please make your way to the nearest exit."

I roll my eyes as the flight attendant tells the passengers on the plane the safety rules. It's all so pointless. I mean, what are the chances of anything happening? The TSA takes care(more)
The sun rises red as the man rushes towards the town square, where a mob is gathering. They're swarming halfway down the block, like hyenas after the lions have taken their share.

He pushes through the crowd, his heart beating faster than he ever thought possible. He needs(more)
"Jaimie, you wanna come play a game with us?"

I look up. My friend Katherine is gesturing to me, surrounded by a few classmates of ours. I smaile and say, "Of course! What are we gonna play?"
She hitches up her skirt as she runs through the decimated city, the thick air making it difficult to breathe. She wishes she didn't have to do this, raid the empty houses and search the dead bodies. But food is running low, and she needs to eat.
She dreams of a time when everything was different, when she had everything she could want. She laughs as she plays with her friends in the meadows by her home, full of hope, full of life.
She blushes as she's courted by her first love, the summer turning everything(more)
She grabs her mother's hand as they wait in line
For another chance at a good life
She clutches her stomach, she's hungry again
Her throat burns, her feet hurt
She just wants to go to sleep, but she can't.