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They were in the library, arguing about the usage of sealing runes. Thomas kept getting distracted by the fierce light in her eyes and the pretty flush across her cheeks as she yanked reference books off the shelf and shoved them in his face.
Thomas clung stubbornly to his(more)
One of Anora Fitzroy's earliest memories was standing in front of her new foster mother being lectured on loyalty.
"No one expects loyalty from a bastard." She'd looked at the six year old in front of her. "Because of who you are, my dear, you must not only BE(more)
"That's what happens when you restrict the channel too much," Quinn looked at her 10 year old foster daughter who was looking a little singed and surprised. "It'll give you better direction but overdo it and it blows up."
"Yes Aunt Quinn," the girl tucked her tongue between her(more)
Anora didn't know precisely when she knew she would never be good enough for her brother's wife. The conclusion struck her rather hard as she was laying in her bed one morning, wishing that she could find it in her heart to like Annabelle.
Her sister-in-law had very decided(more)
In the days that followed their exchange, Thomas found his eyes drawn to her as she moved about Tidwell University. Tall and slim, she was nearly always dressed in a tidy blouse and dark wool skirt and belt with a jet brooch at her collar. Her dark auburn hair(more)
Thomas had a secret, it wasn't a bad secret. It was more of an inconvenience. One of the first things he had been taught was to never get emotionally involved with a patient and now he had.
She was a fighter, the Lady Avalon. By all accounts she shoul(more)
Thomas was bent over a crate, making notes about the contents when he  heard someone clear their throat. "Oy, Bard, got a minute?"
"Avalon," Thomas bent further over the crate, trying to get rid of the stupid smile that spread out across his face when he heard her voice. "What's(more)
"Hey, Thomas," Adrian trotted up next to him. "Got a minute?"
Thomas nodded, looking at the closed expression on Adri's face. "What's up?"
Adri took a breath, "the hell do you think you're doing with Anora?"
Thomas rocked back on his heels, "what?"
"On the roof, you made her(more)
As Thomas topped the small grassy rise, he could see her. Floral dress spread around her, simple braid pulled across her slim body. Anora's eyes were closed, her pale skin dappled by the cool green shade of the tree she was laying under. Every line of her was more(more)
There were not that many people in this world that Adrian Avalon trusted. His sister topped the list, she was a horrible liar, especially to him. Sebastian came next, he could lie, but never saw the point to it. His grandparents followed so close behind him that he couldn't(more)
"Whatever," the mantra of the teenage years was never something that affected Anora Avalon. Sure, sometimes she thought it and thought it loudly but she knew that it was a product of hormones and not really something that she should ever let past her lips.
The only time sh(more)
"Lord Thomas Bard, Emissary of Underhill" The Queen's secretary announced as the tall, spare man walked through the door and bowed before her.
"Well met, Lord Bard." Sophia gestured for the man to rise. "Lord Leander said you had a question for me."  
Sophia saw the man's shoulders rela(more)
It was never meant to end this way. It was meant to end like all good stories do, marriage and children and fading away into our twilight years gracefully, maybe even playing with our grandchildren. I'm still here love, I'm still here even though every time I look at(more)
It was a terrible sound, moaning and pleading by turns as the young woman restrained in the chair tried to make it through the first of the calming rituals. The Audras in the room with her prompted her every three words or so for the next part of the(more)
All that Comte Byron de Voclain wanted was to go home. To be out of the suffocating environment that comprised the Gallic court. But no, he had an audience with her Majesty, and when one's queen demanded you present yourself, you did so.
He stood in the anteroom outside(more)