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Even if he'd done everything differently, the outcome was unchangeable. He was doomed from the start.
They'd lived their lives to the fullest, together. They were a team, a pair, a duo, inseparable by any means. As they lied there on their deathbed in each other's arms, he turned to her and asked, "Who will lay to rest our tired hearts?"
How am I to open up when you've locked me shut?
Please don't go away
Please don't stop
Please don't do this to me
Please don't stop
Sometimes, I just want to wither away and be done with. Others, I want everyone else to. Either way, it's going to happen to someone.
Lack of a central power. Applicable in many more ways than one.
It seems like everywhere I go, I hit a wall. Everywhere I turn, walls.

It seems like every step I take, I am getting further lost in a labyrinth. Every stride, more and more walls.

A maze with no exit, and all paths lead back to the(more)
He caught a fleeting glimpse of something greater. As soon as he realized what it was, it was gone.
I remember when I first learned how to skip stones on the water. It was at Lake Tahoe, and my dad was teaching my sister and I. He was able to get up to fourteen in a row, and I could barely manage two. Such a simple and carefree(more)
Running from insults.
Running from criticism.
Running from others' expectations.
Running from my own.
Running to keep up.
Running for my life. (more)
Raise me up, to the top of the towering beacon.

Raise me up, in a paper boat without a bottom, folded from my abandoned letters to you.

Raise me up, to see the twin vapor trails carved by paper airplanes, and the white lines carved in the(more)
Something is going to happen soon.
Something momentous. Something huge.
Everything is going to converge.
Everything is going to change.
I can feel it in my bones.
Hey you!
Yeah, you.
Whoever's in charge here.
Whoever's pulling the strings.
I want you to spell it out for me.
Right here, right now. (more)
Happy endings?
Are you high?
He awoke in a dark, cavernous room, with a small pedestal in its center. A small light shining from seemingly nothingness illuminated the pedestal, and resting on it were two sets of keys. About ten paces behind the pedestal, two doors stood silently, stoic and unforgiving. A choice. (more)