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Ob pier
"You're , you're... you're punk... or something. Stop doing this. You keep doing this to us and I don't get it."    

I had gotten so used to yelling. She yells all the time. If I leave my mug on the counter top rather than in the sink,(more)
Her thumb moved back and forth over the fraying wood fence that held her inside the gate. the wood should have been smooth and soft, sanded and then painted to perfection. She hadn't done this. The wood of the fence was the way it was when she moved in.(more)
Kendall learned the meaning of the word austere last year. Her mother had described the nuns that way and she asked her teacher, "What is austere?" The teacher said it meant plain, not fancy, like no smiling and lots of practice. Since then she dreamed of being austere. When(more)
"Come with us." It rolled around in my head endlessly to the beat of my headache. Come with us, come with us, come with us.  I was lying half off a tiny bed.  My eyes opened to a pock marked symmetrical square of an office ceiling?  Someone was next to me.  I tried(more)
Teak called it "The Bush."  There was no "The" about it.  It was simply a cement nook in the adjacent dorm building where the stairs went too far.  There was no exit door on that final landing and so no purpose to the space.  The cement walls held nothing but a chain link(more)
The welts on my arms were huge, hot to the touch and red. Each doctor was more clueless than the last. One even backed into the wall behind him itching irrationally as he threw some cortizone samples my way.

"Just don't itch it.  Maybe it will go away." (more)