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"Is it hot or what?" Thomas collapsed next to James in the courtyard, fanning himself with his Psych 105 folder with one hand and tugging his tie off with the other.  

"It's like Satan's armpits," James agreed absentmindedly, flipping idly to another page of the article he held(more)

"So how about Miles?"

I was weak. A coward who couldn't protect anyone I cared  about. And I thought, not again. This time I'll be the one who protects them. I'll be brave.

Pass me a cigarette. Thanks. I was a coward too, but I've never regretted it. I loved her, I'd have(more)
"I lost most of my people out there, " he says, his voice a fragile thing behind his hands. "At least two-thirds, if not more. Does it ever get easier?"

(The unspoken question: you have seen more dead than he has; you have sent more to die than(more)
"Hey, Ray?"

His companion blinked up at him from his position on the bed, lips curved into a sated sleepy smile. "Hmm?"

"I —" He shook his head and bit the words back. Now isn't the time; besides, he's not ready— will never be ready, he thought(more)
His life is forever divided into two parts: before and after. His colleagues pass him by, their mouths in a little moue of sadness. I'm sorry for your loss, they say, sympathy lacing their words. She was so lovely, it's such a shame. He makes the appropriate responses and(more)
at night you bend me backwards
against you, fingers sharp and digging
your teeth a flash of knives marking my skin like a firebrand
it hurts (more)
They had seven years before she succumbed to her wanderlust and left with a small pack, taking the pelt with her. "I'll come back for you," she promised as the other woman blinked furiously, willing the tears trembling along her golden lashes to stop. "I'll be back before you(more)
It's his eighteenth birthday, so he drags you out to get absolutely smashed and -- his teeth flashing with a shark's grin -- get lucky. "C'mon bro," he wheedles and punches your arm, "don't be a chicken-shit pussy."
Okay, here's how it's gonna go. She's going to walk through the door in ten -- no wait, nine-and-a-half minutes, because the dinner's at 7:30 and she's always punctual. She'll wave at you, smiling, and come over, draping her jacket over her chair and brushing a kiss on your(more)
"Say it again," Alex demands breathlessly, a pleased hum at the back of his throat as his lover nips at his ear. "C'mon man, put that gorgeous mouth of yours to good use."

His lover smiles and leans in for a kiss. "How cruel," Jose murmurs when the(more)
Sometimes, Emily Godwin wonders what Valca and Head would have made of modern vanships. It would be strange, she decides, for them to fly the Grand Stream without the wind whipping across their faces, without the roar in their ears promising threats of roiling thunder. She wonders if Valca(more)
There were unfamiliar footsteps in his woods; too clumsy and mortal to be the Queen's, too loud for the sleek beasts who accepted him as one of their own. Tom narrowed his eyes. Whatever it was, it did not belong here - it was not of Arcadia, and outsiders(more)
He came into Faith Quin's custody after first time he fell off his bike, a pale, curious thing unlike most chosen steeds of boys his age. (But then again, his father was an avid biker; aerodynamics and endurance take priority over trivial things like color.) She was beautiful, in(more)


Are we just going to leave him there?