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For as long as I can recall,
that boy always loved the
sight of a jellyfish and had
once told me his dream of
even becoming a jellyfish.
What is it like to die?

The thought is usually by itself, alone in his brain but very dominant whenever he starts to feel very little.
She curls up in a ball,
knees pulled close to
her chest that heaves
heavily-in, out, in, out.

Her hair today is a bit (more)
People like Shouko are a mystery to Emiko.

Shouko is very kind, pretty and most of all reliable. She smikes with ease as if her life is easy and breezy, having fun with her friends.
I heard of a boy, that works not too far from here.

Stories of his beauty has made way
to my little office, and I always had
a thought if I could ever get to meet
him. Perhaps, I could ask of him to (more)
There she lays
in a pool of her
own blood, of
her own self-
Raine settles down
in an empty bar, he
looks at the bottles
of the finest wines
that he constantly
serve to customers. (more)
When she got stabbed,
she did not die right
there and then and
got her life over with.

She stood there in pain, (more)
That pale hair,
those amber
eyes that had
no desire for
those hands (more)
He needed someone.

He needed someone
to demonstrate him
the wonders of love
and how warm it is. (more)
When I'm gone,
I hope you don't
mourn for me.

When I'm gone,
I want you to (more)
There's a beauty mark
on the nape of his neck.
It's a very little one, so
it's not too easily seen.

- - - (more)
This hatred is
never ending,
unceasing and
gradually builds
itself up in me.
In this world, the only way
to really survive through
the process of one calls
simply of the name, "life",
it is imperative to pretend.
You have to fake it, play a (more)
She smiles, nice and calm,
her lips tainted in red, red
lipstick that she preferred.

I sit, but I do not find the
comfort in being seated (more)