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That I have not done. Time seems to flux with importance with where my head is at. Feeling as though my indulgence in my mana has faded or dried to the wall of a glass I use to drink from. Growing older and miss having depth I came here(more)
I was left.
A cage with a view. A beast for beauty.
How long will he let this be a curse,rather then a place of peace.
Lifts him or drags him its never ending,engrave in his mind for he feel this to be really important in his life,a whirlpool of sick(more)
Wish I knew how it all works.
I give dreams more meaning then they should.
Use to wake and wright in this fashion to hold points, to only finnish when I'm done.
wishing I could paint the scenes I see from the dreadful to the awe-inspiring.
know this, that I type to clear.
what I hold near and fear.
fear of losing what is mine.
Memories or thoughts I've had when I was young,
remembering the way I thought in those times.
How I would percieve and see things, (more)
alot comes to mind, but nothing seems quite right to write.
so I'll just write how a moon lit winter night.
with light snow fall brings dream to life.
quiet stillness and dunes of snow, with white veins glow.
reaching up to the sky, life seems to take(more)
some doors should be open, some locked, and some to be checked for heat, but some shouldn't open. doors that you made a mental note not to open. I have made this mistake and now being forced though it. Drunk and careless to the consequence. I told a her(more)
pack it in.
as its told,for the story is about to unfold.
creature, wasp, reign.
hold out for the trout.
hold still on the hill.
hold on till its gone. (more)
I think of fruits and idea of where to go with this but a vacuum is being used at this time. *pause*awww silence... well I wanted to type something towards the mind cause lately I've been thinking on how toxins,poisons,and lack of nutritious intake has dulled my dreams(more)
greatest loss is of dignatity and of childhood....wrong or right it was tor from these hands like it was any other.helpless I flail in the tide that binds logic and sync....*sigh* "as the beast listens to dio and feels sick an real" drunk and painful he battles light and(more)
still in mind, scorching the surface of my brain.
So slow without noticing advancements,as it lives with instincts.Innocents in itself it spreads for filling its unknown purpose. though this alien to the mind maybe,though possible to think it was engineered from a collective conciseness.With its identity unknown,I cont(more)
Being hurled though space and time with force which transends spirit into realms which no body can enter.
Projections of the mind are vast and countless any reality possible yet easily broken as if where burnt nerves from alcohol.A feeling of nostalgia sweeps my body as I remince of(more)
This elite force of "masters of there destiny" are ones to learn from. As others  only dream and simulate in games to be,consequence and reward for there actions to deeds flowing from lifes everlasting bounty.They dive in to sea with the same dangers that haunt the ones shaking at the(more)
Recent decline is mine,for the recent still in mind.

The longer I'm quiet,the less I will speak.

No longer making sense in it, losing the things that make him him.Retreating from life to hide in dream only recently not wanted/needed there.Increasingly barren with violent spurts of color(more)